Thursday, April 1, 2010

S.S.D.D....and HOW

Yeah I wouldn't actually SAY that acronym, just because I don't even cuss but I still LOVE this acronym. Basically it is Same..."Stuff", Different Day. LOL! I get it from watching Stephen King's Dreamcatcher, which I just finished. It is an odd little movie, way too much swearing and the toilet scene...well it grosses the "S" out of me. But I LOVE the Memory Storage aspect so much, for some odd reason, I adore this "room" that Jonesie has created IN his head for all of his memories, and that we get to see it. JUST ADORE IT. And I also love Duddits. He is the sweetest angel and the love these 4 men have for their friend, who is so very special, is just touching. And I can't help but need to see it every once in awhile. I DO like Stephen King and more lately his movies, this one is a little weird at some parts, but I still like it in some ways. And in THOSE ways, I like it alot.

Anyway that S.S.D.D. just speaks VOLUMES to me. I think it may stick this time and I may think of this acronym often. It just is a way for THESE 4 guys to get through their lives, and you know what, same applies to me. It is appropo and if you look down on me for feeling this is a pretty kosher life anthem for me as of late , then so be it. It applies, I am sorry. Speaking of acronyms I also LOVE P.I.T.A., and you know what, since I can't bring myself to even cuss, maybe I will get some "balls" and start using it. I have wanted to since the first time I saw it used, Pain in the catch my drift. And maybe I will finally be brave and USE it, instead of it just being something I THINK of saying.

Speaking of another acronym...T.M.I. So you may wanna stop reading here, but it was just the worst thing ever and I share too much, what can I say? I was doing my errands, none of which I will gloss on so I can get this TMI over with. I am feeling FINE. I get in my car, to go home, all happy because it is over with and not bad timing either. I get on the highway, and suddenly, while Amy Lee is soulfully singing My Immortal, I start to get these horrible cramps and sharp stabbing pains. They are SO severe I feel like I am going to actually throw up. That is how painful they were. But you see, I was somewhere I am SO not familiar with. SO I keep thinking, I just need to make it to Exit 68W and I will at least be on 691 and I know some of those exits. But the pain was so bad I was panting and began talking out loud, going "Please, please...just let me get a little farther, then I will get off the highway"! I finally make it to 691 and I know I am in trouble. I need a bathroom ASAP. I told you it was a TMI tale, so stop reading then you wimps!

I was actually scared something HORRID would happen, it was so bad the pain, I was practically in tears. I got off at 8, because I thought I knew there was stuff in that area and the sign DID SAY Food, Gas, etc. So I am thinking there will be a McD's or some place like it. And that everything would be okay if I could just breathe through the cramping pain. So I was wrong to take that exit, oh boy yeah. I turned right as nothing looked familiar but likes were in that direction. The cramping was getting so bad, my lips started to tingle. I drive...and drive...and drive. Passing LOADS of car dealerships and scary little hotels, the kind Norman Bates is running so you will understand why I did NOT stop there! I was talking out loud so much, begging, I have no idea WHO, to hang in there. My nose has started to tingle. Later my Mom tells me I was obviously hyperventilating...great, that would have been so great passing out while DRIVING! So I finally come upon a Subway, and about start bawling. They have 1 flipping bathroom and it was just in time. Yeah that is all I will say, just in time. But something was so wrong and this was a teeny tiny Subway so I didn't feel I could sit around and wait to see if my stomach was done with me.

SO I got in the car, get a call from Kate worried as it was getting LATE. I kinda explain to Sam as I am almost sobbing that I now have NO IDEA where I am, and am very sick. I hang up ASAP because I WAS so close to bawling. And I had to find my way home still. Finally after about 20 minutes I find a 691 entrance and then get into 84 which brings me home when my Dad calls and tell me to call if I need someone to get me, as he thought I was still lost. I am almost home eventually when the pains are back and I have to drive to the Target near my house, I knew I would NOT make it home. So I am so glad my cell is attached to my purse, as I was able to text Kate and tell her. She kept trying to CALL me while i was in the toilet, and I was trying to fix my ringtone so I kept accidentally connecting to her as she called and had to hang up. NO I do not want to TALK as I am being violently ill Kate! She texts me and asks if I want to be picked up. YES, I am driving so recklessly for awhile now and want someone to get me home ASAP. My sisters and Mom came down to get me, I almost wept when I saw Mom, and when we got home clung to her until I had to leave again. But I was home.

I still don't know if it was the Icee, when all I had was a granola bar to eat, or if I have caught the stomach flu that is going around my Mom's workplace. But it was so scary. I am finally feeling like I won't DIE, but I still feel wrong and really nauseous. But I get hungry too and eating makes me a little nauseous but not AS nauseous. So I obviously can't starve myself, but I am queasy for sure. If this was the bug, PLEASE BE GONE NOW. SO scary and I just am exhausted.

So S.S.D.D., P.I.T.A. and T.M.I. are apparently my things for today. Acronyms want to play a big part in my day. Oh well. Sorry if you were grossed out but I wasn't giving detailed details, please I have read some who do and no, I do not want you IN the bathroom with me, not that much into the bathroom anyway. You can be sitting on the bench outside the restroom waiting for me, but stay out of the stall okay? appropriate.

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4 meaningful meanderings:

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm glad you are okay!

Sheri said...

Oh man what a tale! Glad you are ok too.

Toriz said...

*Hugs* Sounds like an awful experience... I'm glad you are OK!

Salt said...

OMG Wen!! I hope you are feeling a bit better, but what an awful experience! (I'm not a wuss, so obvs I read the whole thing.)

That horrible stomach flu has been going around. It's already made a pass through my house and around my entire office. My mom has had it and she lives in a different state. So's like the stomach plague and clearly you got hit at the worst possible time.

Be well, friend! TMI as it is, I'm glad you made it home safe to tell the tale!

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