Friday, April 16, 2010

Eat my SEARS card!!

Man, I was hoping returning the glasses would be quick and easy, but the Sear lady wanted ANSWERS. Really, she has no right, if you are not satisfied within the 90-day money back guarantee time, you return them! And I could NOT see, so yeah, I feel that is a problem. But I went over it all, not being able to see, even with a different lens material used and frankly I have no faith in the prescription. My eyesight improved....I do not think so. That would be nice sure, but I have been feeling I needed a slightly stronger RX and the dude tells me I need less help. Obviously as I can't see out of HIS script, HE is WRONG. SO it was a hassle. It took over an hour, because there was ONE worker there. Her co-worker left at 4 because it "was dead". She was cussing and mumbling rude comments the WHOLE time. MAN, she was scary.

Went out to dinner with the family after. It was nice, although I got stuffed and stuffed after a Gastric Bypass makes you feel YUCKY, and I hated food again. It was really good Italian before that! LOL! We rushed home though, because Bones was on at 8 and it was all new, YEAH!

So there is one thing though. My Mom actually thought it would HELP, to remind me that Florida was in 31 days, she wanted to incite me to get OCD. I have no idea why though. Unless she thinks it will get me excited, as I just don't feel ANYTHING. No excitement, no flurry of...anything. I don't know why. *shrugs* But it did get my OCD all in a twist. I have all my suitcases and toiletry stuff out, and I have a bunch of toiletries packed. I also have shorts, PJ tops and bottoms already packed. Plus I am about to pack the sheets I take (I am a germaphobe I make no secrets about it...and I watched too much CSI), the tees I will take, my towel and my blanket. Shut it, it reminds me of home and is so old and thin it takes like a 3 inch cube of space. SO I am already well on my way. Can't pack electronics until the day before my Dad and Kate take off with the dog. Plus under garments and dvd's are all packed in the days before we leave, I do not have enough bras to pack them now. Plus many are in need of replacing hooks or eyes so I cannot spare a bra. LOL.

Now my OCD is in hyper-drive and I WANT everything to be packed. But I would kid of find it hard to live with NO camera's, Nintendo DS, etc for 31 days. Oy. My Mother released a monster!

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Toriz said...

You're right, if it's within the days you can return it you shouldn't have to answer a bunch of questions. A simple "I can't see through them" should be enough.

Well, all you can do about the packing thing is pack what you can live without, and just count down the days until you can pack the rest.

Sheri said...

You should write or call that woman's supervisor about that. Not cool at all! Don't they know the customer is always right?

Sheri said...

You should write or call that woman's supervisor about that. Not cool at all! Don't they know the customer is always right?

LadyStyx said...

I'm with Sheri, drop a line to the supervisor and while you're at it, send one to corporate as well.

Maybe your excitement and going into a tizzy is what mom needs to get herself psyched for the trip as well. Just food for thought there.

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