Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Okay I have no idea HOW I missed this news hooplah, but I am now aware and am pissed off! What am I talking about? I am talking about the Lane Bryant ad that ABC and Fox banned because they claim Ashley Graham has too much cleavage. Are you freaking serious?!! Victoria Secret ads show the undersides sometimes of breasts, they have them wearing half bras almost exposing nippage, and they ban this beautiful model's commercial because they think she has too much cleavage?!!

HELLO!! What do you think all bigger chested women HAVE?!! We all have big chests, which includes plenty of cleavage, which is WHY we have stores LIKE Lane Bryant!! Because we need special bras to hold the ladies UP! And why shouldn't we have sexy bras and underwear at our disposal? Why shouldn't we get to see that we have those options of underclothes we can buy? This is such a load of CRAP. This is such a double standard! Victoria Secret models are shown crouching on pool tables, strolling trough train stations in underwear, and half of them have just as much cleavage. Only thing is, they are all skinny. Is that what makes it okay? Skinny models showing a lot of cleavage is JUST fine for ABC and Fox to air, but show a plus size model showing off lingerie and all of a sudden it is too much and must be banned. Too much skin. Hello, guess what? I have two times as much skin as those skinny witches and it is ALL OVER! Not just the boobs, I have more skin everywhere!

It sure seems like they have something against this ad because it features a heavier woman being sexy. I have to sit through the skinny women commercials, having my self-esteem go down another notch each time. So why shouldn't I have someone more my size, who looks amazing I think, make me feel better about myself and like maybe I can be sexy, if I so choose?!! Why can't plus size women be confident too? Ashley is at home getting ready for a date, while Victoria Secret models are walking through the streets, spinning and there are close ups on some areas that make you so "excuse me"!! Hmm, who is the better role model? Uh that would be a rhetorical question.

This just really bothers me. And Ashley Graham was so proud of the commercial, of getting to show that plus size women can be sexy and confident in themselves. Some people have even altered the commercial, changing the text message to an announcement that the Mc-Rib is back, so that is why she is leaving, which pisses me off. Because a woman is bigger, she is a pig or eats too much or whatever?! That is such crap! Many women do all they can to lose weight, but it just doesn't work, and some have the gene from family that makes them pre-disposed to being heavier-set. That doesn't mean they eat so much they got fat.

Here I have the Ashley Graham Lane Bryant Ad and one by Victoria Secrets. You tell me which one is more risque. And remember, Victoria Secret ads run ALL day and night, so any kid can see them. So tell me why the Lane Bryant ad is getting such treatment, but Victoria Secret is just fine and dandy.

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Mary said...

This is a total double standard!

CaJoh said...

Way to give the "Girls" their due. I agree that it seems rather silly to ban one in lieu of another.

Kristina P. said...

I totally agree!

mama-face said...

I have not heard of this controversy, but it makes me angry. All V.S. ads are way too close to porn; and the new ads with some new line makes the women appear as if they are naked; it is on at times of day and I have to cover lil dub's eyes. And it's not like I'm in the room ALL the time. sheesh.

Toriz said...

Typical... They like the look of the other girls better, so they get to be aired. Simple as that! Figures!

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