Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Sorry Guys, I have had a migraine for the last 2 days and am not posting because of the pain. So that is why there hasn't been a post or comments. I have been doing real good with commenting again so just do not count like the last 50+ hours. I hope it goes away, I am THIS close to taking a left over percocet, the pain is getting THAT bad. Sorry! Go bye bye now, light is BRIGHT on computers!

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3 meaningful meanderings:

CaJoh said...

Welcome back!!

Do hope you're feeling better. Headaches can be such a pain (no pun intended).

Izzy said...

Awwww I know the migrane thing well D: i hope you feel better T_T

Toriz said...

That's OK, no need to say sorry! I just hope your migrane goes away soon! *Hugs*

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