Friday, April 9, 2010

My Chipmunk Mis-Adventure

So it was 6:30 in the morning. It was light out and already 68 degrees, and HUMID. This in itself, is so wrong. We should NOT be seeing 92 degrees in CT in the beginning of April. So I was walking around the kitchen, making up more Koolaid (with Splenda, Diabetic here) as I was dying. I felt like I was broiling from the inside out. I all of a sudden was hearing these weird noises from the deck. I started worrying that there was a stray dog drinking from Maxie's outside bowl, and prayed I would at least find a dog I recognized, as I crept to the door. Except there was nothing. It was really weird. So I walked back to the sink to make my Koolaid and I heard it again.

I run over and see a tiny figure freeze beside the Grill, before running underneath it. A Chipmunk! I ADORE chipmunks! I was like this would be a GREAT photo opportunity, so I grabbed my camera and a slice of bread and went outside. I started talking to the chipmunk, begging it to come eat some bread. I threw some close to the grill as I tried to talk the tiny creature into showing himself. I got to the end of the bread, and there was a pile of bread surrounding the Grill. So I got on my hands ans knees and peered underneath...from a safe distance, I have seen too many movie scenes where the sweet animal ATTACKS! I could see it! Sitting there like a stone statue. So I tried to take a photo, but it was so awkward.

So I ended up laying flat on my stomach, trying to get a photo of the hiding chipmunk, who WAS hiding near a Grill leg. As I was taking a few shots, my key necklace suddenly tugged at my neck. I looked down and the key, still on my chain, was through one of the slats and was stuck sideways. So I thought I was manuevering so it would slide back up through the slat when *snap* and I watched it fall down into the dirt below. The darkly lit dirt below. We have a decent sized deck and due to Maxie wrapping himself around it's legs, hunting whatever lies under there, 3/4 of it are blocked with chicken wire now. That means going through the end and crawling all the way through the PIT down there, to find the key. I could see it through the slats ans wanted to cry. I am terrified of bugs and snakes and...everything! Things going in my hair, biting me...oh man I was a spaz! But I adore this key necklace!

Really, REALLY, adore this necklace. I am on the hunt for more key pendants that look like skeleton keys and are either gothic or victorian. So to lose the ONE I did have, plain, but means a lot to me, freaked me out. So I KNEW I HAD to get it. So, with much trepidation, I began to get ready. Dang that freaking CHIPMUNK!!! I started winterizing myself. Big hat so nothing would get in my hair. Thick jeans so no biting Wendy. I was getting a jacket and shoes and gloves out when Katie showed up, ready to get ready for work. She took one look at me and demanded answers, as I panted from sweat, as it was almost 70 degrees already. I explained the lure of the chipmunk and the KER-PLUNK of my key pendant to the scary depth below. So Kate went for me. She put on pants and flip flops and was god to go. I went to where I could see the key so she could look for my shadow up top and she found it within seconds! MY HEROINE!! LOL!

I was like "screw the chipmunk" and went inside with Katie. I had a necklace to fix and that flipping rodent almost cost me my beloved Key!! I am on the search fr so many more. The Keeper of the Keys I will be! Dang chipmunk hated me. Max ate the bloody bread.

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6 meaningful meanderings:

The Boob Nazi said...

Well, I'm sad you didn't get a picture!

Toriz said...

Glad you got your key back. Shame you didn't get the photo you wanted, because then at least that would have made it worth all that.

Scarlett said...

Glad you found your necklace! Yay for a little help.

Kristina P. said...

Too bad about the picture!

Wendyburd1 said...

I got a picture, three even but none are very good, dang critter. I will try to post them this weekend. I have to upload a bunch.

mama-face said...

This seems like a scene straight out of a movie. Dang chipmunk. "Max ate the bloody bread". bwahaha.

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