Thursday, April 29, 2010

C-c-c-o-ooool-ld-d!!! Brrrrr!

What the frick-frack is going on here?! A week and a half away we had the A.C. on for 2 days, and tonight my sister has her heater on in her room, and here I am, wearing a jacket and huddled under my favorite blanket!

It is 33 degrees outside right now. This morning it was in the low 20's in some towns, and I was huddled under TWO blankets! They actually suggested mittens on the news this morning! And this crazy weather change has dealt me a freaking bad migraine. Thus I am posting a short post. This screen is freaking bright, yo!

The migraine has been with me for almost 24 hours. I actually drank a WHOLE bottle of 5-Hour Energy. It helped my headache for awhile. Caffeine is supposed to like open the vessels in your head and help with headaches, but it lasted only a while and I am not taking it at 2 in the morning. Even I am not that crazy. It hurts though. I hate migraines.

Knowledge is bad for Wendy. Yup I am now positive about that. I peeked about in the books we ordered on Bi Polar last night and ended up almost crying all night, because the side effects they are all listing are scaring the crap out of me. Agh, so I am not allowed to look at them unless I am studying them with my parents. Katie is going to talk to the nice doctor at her externship for me too.The appointment is Monday and I want to have a med in mind to request. He just doesn't take into account that I am already a Diabetic and have heart troubles. So I had a panic attack this morning and no more Wendy alone with the books. I am okay with that, I think it is best that I am with someone when I read about this problem I have.

One cool thing my Mom found out from our friend the APRN? Hartford Hospital is doing this new...trial might not be the right word. Anyway, you have to be picked but they do blood testing which can determine what drugs you will do best on versus others. We are hoping I can get in on this, because I am so sensitive to medications. It sounds really intriguing. I just wish I could get it done before Monday. Though I won't start any new med until we get back from Florida. We all agree, the whole family, it would be a bad idea to test a new drug during a vacation which is supposed to be for relaxing and DE-stressing. And for those of you who have been with me for a long time, you remember the Lamictal that had me wide awake for 2 days or so at a time. That would SUCK on vacation. 16 days and 5 hours and I will be taking off in a plane. It doesn't feel real, yet I do not care. Because the moment I see a palm tree and float in the pool, I will finally be able to get at least ONE large breath in. Oh yeah.

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Toriz said...


Our weather did that too. Two days ago they were all like "today is the hottest day of he year so far" and now it's cold, and it's wet, and it's windy!

Kristina P. said...

It snowed last night, and is freezing! It makes me sad. I blame Amanda.

Sheri said...

It was in the 40s year the past two nights, crazy! It is warming up though, but who knows? lol

I hope you get selected for that trial, sounds good!

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