Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday Fragments

*The freaky weather has changed once more dramatically. Last night I was in a tee and capri pj pants. Today I am in pj pants, a tee and a sweater hoodie. Socks too of course because it is CHILLY. Two days ago it was in the 70's at night, tonight it is about 40. This is giving everyone headaches (me migraines) and screwing with their allergies. PICK a season, weather!! It is April so it is supposed to be cool still! I am SO not ready for SUMMER yet at all! Yuck!

*Man. My OCD lets me go way overboard. I decided to search for gothic/victorian key pendants online, rather than go all over creation and not finding anything. So I was not happy at first. There were thousands of key necklaces, do NOT get me wrong. They just happen to be freaking expensive!! We are talking for the most part $28 to $1,300!! Seriously! So when I found some that were "okay" or that I did like, I went a wee bit overboard. Yeah, I spent $75 on EIGHT necklaces/pendants (not all come with a chain!). I bought ONE from Ebay, a BUY NOW one. Plain but cute. And I ended up placing the 1st bids on 3 other Ebay ones. I went on my way. I ordered 2 from Torrid. One has multiple keys, so that one necklace could actually become 4 if I want it too. OY! And then I happened on this site that had really reasonable pewter ones, and they had this awesome fleur-de-lis one, and this leafy one called "Queen's Key". Since I had the first and lowest bid on those Ebay ones and they had 10-19 hours LEFT, I assumed I would be outbid and not have to worry about those as I had 5 now, but potentially through my craftiness, it could be 8. Yeah...I WON those Ebay ones! I could NOT believe it!! I will post pictures of them maybe tomorrow. I can't wait for them to arrive. Oy this idea of being a Keeper of the Keys, the cool Chatelaine.

*I LOATHE Brownies. No, NOT the yummy chocolatey goodness bars, but the little girls. My Mom and I went to eat at Bertucci's Friday night around 6:30pm. They couldn't accomadate that many kids and their Moms so they split them up, and WHERE did they place us? Right in the middle of them. Shrieking, giggly girls, LOUD mothers, constant running by our table as they stole more and more and MORE toothpicks to stuff for some insane reason in the dough they give kids to play with. We couldn't even TALK, because we would have had to shout over them. It was like being in a Red Robins!! Except this is a REAL restaurant! If you want to let your kids run wild and be loud and crap, go to the places where "a kid can be a kid"!! Friendly's or IHOP or whatever. Red Robin's!! You KNOW you can't hold a conversation in that place! But this is supposed to be a nice Italian place, so talking should be doable! Freaking headache inducing Brownies!! And yes, they did give my Mom a headache, so it is a fact, Jack!

*We went and saw Date Night after dinner. It was so fun!! I was worried it would feel like a skit. I liked Baby Mama, but it felt like one long Amy/Tina skit. This movie, however, FELT like a movie. Tina Fey and Steve Carrel have such great chemistry!! They are totally believable as a married couple who tries to spice up their dull date night by taking someone else's reservations. And then all HELL breaks loose. Dirty cops and mobsters are after them and they have no idea how to get anyone to believe they are not these "Tripplehorns". Hilarity ensues as they must fight together, to get their lives back, to get HOME. So they need to rely on one another fully and this makes them realize all over again, why they married each other. You will not be bored for one second. This duo lights the screen up, and the supporting cast is great. You got people from William Fitchner to James Franco to Ray Liotta. This is one hilarious movie that needs to be seen!

*Like I didn't spend enough money last night, we stopped by Kohl's as we had time before the movie started. You all should know by now, I have a LONG standing obsession with THIN, SOFT, graphic t-shirts. And for once, Kohl's had them! They always have graphic shirts, but they had soft and thin ones!! It was SO hard to only walk away with TWO!! And they were on sale!! *weeps* But I am supposed to be saving for Florida in May so I had to stop at 2! And I also found a turquoise and silver ring I fell in love with and it was 60% off! I am wearing it right now, it needs to be worn to feel like part of my ring family! And then my Mom did the sweetest thing, she paid for everything including her two plain shirts she wanted for Florida! My Mom is the sweetest!

*I have an appt. with my psychiatrist in May. I have the fax number for the endocronologist, he wants my medical records sent to him before he will see me. Katie is going to try and bring some info home on Bipolar Type II for me. My Mom is going to talk to a sister at church who works in a psych facility about what meds she feels work well, and an APRN at work too. My Mom also is going to ask them to recommend a book they feel is best so we can understand this illness of mine better. It is different in a LOT of ways from Type I Bipolar. We looked at some meds but I do NOT want to be on those. One is Seroquel, they have tv commercials. It makes you gain weight and is not good for Diabetes!! Hello! NO! So I am feeling a bit discouraged because the meds we did look at are all scary side effects. I want one that has less scary side effects. My Mom wants more info on Lithium, she as an RN, knows about stuff, and found a huge article that talked about how great it does with the Manic episodes, but it is the Depressive episodes that type II has more of, so I want to know about THAT. So we did some work today. Did you know that while Type I has constant ups and down, mania then depression, over and over, Type II you get like 35 bad depressive episodes and one manic one, and that cycle repeats. I have got to say I would not mind feeling this euphoric feeling Type I's get with Mania. It sounds happy and even if it is a false sense of happiness, it still sounds GOOD. Once in awhile anyway.

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The Boob Nazi said...

Yeah, the seasons are off here too.

Salt said...

I just laughed so hard at "I loathe Brownies". Hahaha I really like kids, but I can't stand them sometimes either. They always try to accost me outside the grocery store and get me to buy things, and then I end up doing it because I feel guilty. Gah! Guilt tripping brownies!!

But no...a mob of kids in a nice restaurant = not good. Chuck E Cheese was invented for a reason.

mama-face said...

Wendy-I'm diagnosed Bipolar 2 and I take a buttload of meds. It was that or die. I can tell you in private what I take if you would like. I know a lot about it unfortunately. I have to remember to be grateful for medicine.

Haha. Your necklace saga is hilarious. Perhaps you should have a giveaway?! And pictures...yes yes.

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