Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Fragments

*I need some new underwear. Yup, I wrote that and didn't flinch. Will have to go out tomorrow, want some new ones for Florida, so I can feel like they can be packed and I can live without them. Yeah I have some exciting Fragments for you!

* We watched New In Town again tonight. I have got to say, seeing Harry Connick, Jr trying to yank open that zipper, and Renee Zelwegger being tossed about like a doll, never gets old. I do wish I liked Tapioca though, as the movie makes it seem so good. Yuck...tapioca. Like pudding with fish eggs!

*Our new microwave is IN, in the slot and all. It just is a wee bit bigger than the box made it sound, goes down another ice in one area, that makes it impossible to hold some of our salt and pepper shakers, etc. I bought a small lazy susan thing though for the table so we can put the bigger ones there. It can't be returned now and my Dad worked SO hard!

*Everything feels like it is agitating me lately. Maybe there IS something to that whole spring season is BiPolar season. Every criticism, every little dig, sets me off into being majorly upset, crying or anger. I can't believe I am wanting a psych. appointment to come faster. But we need to do more drug research first so I need to stop hoping that. It is just hard to be feeling so agitated and out of control and miserable and all. BLECH!

*I need some help with ideas for posts, anyone have some suggestions for me?

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Sheri said...

Yay glad the new microwave is in.

I rarely have to buy new undies b/c I get free ones from Victoria Secret at least every other month lol Seriously, if you sign up for their credit card you get tons of those in the mail all the time (not just the first year). hehe

Hmm maybe do some posts on reviews of things you like or didn't like? Pictures of some of your favorite things, favorite pictures, etc.

Rainey said...

I need new underwear too! Lemmie know if you find any good ones.

LadyStyx said...

Honey, I don't even have ideas for MYSELF, nevermind trying to think up some for someone else!

Toriz said...

Glad the microwave is in now. :)

As for posts... As Sherry suggested, how about some on your favourite things? Favourite movies, books, music, etc. Favourite foods, places to visit, etc. And so on. Plus, some on favourite memories could be nice. It's hard to make suggestions though, because it's your blog. Besides, I'm not sure what you would be comfortable blogging about.

mama-face said...

Interesting observation about Spring. I would love to hear more about that connection.

New underwear is always blog worthy. :)

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