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Some UK Lovin'

Before, I do anything else, I want to thank the few friends who responded to my last post, your comments were much appreciated and thought on. I TRY to remember the words from my favorite Girls' Camp song "This Life on Earth we knew would not be easy, at times we lose our way, his path we may not see, but please remember always, please, that you are not alone. He'll take your hand, He loves you, He will guide you home." Trying to remember that.This song always make me cry, in a good way.

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Okay on to a post less reflective, less let's mull these questions over. This is about my love of my very first UK series. I had no idea it was a British series when I fell in love with it last summer. It was on NBC and they did not make it sound like it was a show they were "borrowing", they made it sound like a show NBC commissioned and made. Yes, it had British actors, but people fake accents ALL the time! Sure, I knew Anthony Head was British, but HELLO, he was also a star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a US show. So him being on it was no indicator, it made me happy and excites, YES, but in no way did I think because he was in it, obviously this was a British tv series. After all, again, NBC said nothing that I saw. And I get TV Guide straight to my doorstep.

So if you don't already know, the show I fell for last summer, it was Merlin. It is fantastic! I love the actors, the story lines, everything! I have always liked the idea of Camelot, and LOVE magic and dragons and creatures and such. So after the first episode was so good, I was hooked. It was only about 6 episodes, if even, IN, when I began hearing buzz about NBC not airing all the episodes, which it did thank goodness! But then I heard the chance of NBC airing a second season (and of only 13 episodes!) was like 1000 to 1 odds. I was so SAD! And THAT was when I learned it wasn't even a show made by NBC. That it was a show the UK had enjoyed LONG before, we Americans got to even see the first episode. I do my studying, and I found out not only was it a totally British show, but that by the time we saw it, it had been over for many MONTHS in the UK!

But the bright shining star, that gave me hope, was that UK webpages I found, were saying a Season 2 was already a definite GO in the UK!! I was like, YES, that is something! Surely someone over there will post episodes online and I will get to see it, and thumb my nose at NBC. Sadly though, as months went by, I forgot about the magic realm of Camelot, forgot about young Merlin and his friend Gaius, forgot about the smarmy Arthur and his magic-hater father Uther. And then word came that SyFy was airing Season 2, and all my love came flodding back and I was SO excited! Like a giddy child! And then...being as it is SyFy, and on the page of the TV Guide I bend over, I missed the first episode. And I recorded episode 2, but I was not going to miss out on what had occurred on Episode 1! So by the time it was about to air Episode 3, I went internet surfing. I knew I couldn't trust megavideo, they cut you off at 72 minutes!! So I searched and finally I found 2 websites that allowed me to watch my missed episode...and so much more!

It had ALL 13 episodes of season 2 online! For the next few nights, I had my laptop basically pressed against my nose as I watched all 13 episodes! America is on number 4, and I have seen them all!! Hahahaha! Now I am in withdrawal though. And they aren't bringing it back, even in the UK until September! Someone MUST remind me to keep checking these pages I found and hopefully, some kind English man/woman will post the current episodes as they air! I am probably going to buy Season 1 when it gets out, any day now I think. But that also pisses me off because that means I have to wait like a year to buy Season 2...why on Earth are they making me wait so long?!!

So now I have a UK show I adore. So this has me thinking, are there any more I might be missing that are as good as Merlin, filled with magic and good story? So I have bookmarked several shows that Amazon recommended if you buy Season 1 of Merlin. Which I think means they are UK shows. When I have a chance I will give each show a chance. If episode 1 doesn't capture me, that usually means I will not be into it, so that is a gift. LOL! So I think the following are UK based, but these are the ones I will be giving a try:Legend of the Seeker, Sanctuary, Robin Hood, Hex and Durham County. Jeremiah has Luke Perry so I think that must be US made. But I have high hopes to love some more UK shows!

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Toriz said...

Yeah, I remember that show... I watched it when it was first on.

If it makes you feel any better, they do the same thing in reverse with American shows over here. I had to wait until the end of January (or was it the start of February? I forget) to see the season premier of CSI, which - if I'm not mistaken - started with you in about September. And the channel it's aired on did the same thing, "new and exclusive!" Yeah, rubbish! But at least it's on.... Eventually!

Sheri said...

I like the show too! I didn't know SyFy was airing it! Which website did you use to see the ones aired?

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