Monday, April 12, 2010

Scalding Water

This is a poem I wrote when I was upset one night. Maybe it is lame, maybe it makes no sense, but I still like it for some reason, so I decided to type it up and see what you thought.

Scalding Water

I've been sent to the back-burner again

My fears and worries set aside for another's

No one cares as I boil over and scald myself

I've lost the attention of the ones who would care.

Why do I let myself be judged and appraised?

When all you do is spit me out and hate the aftertaste

You'll go to anyone else to cleanse your palate

And you set me aside and let me scald myself.

You could care less that I counted on your attention

You'd rather see me dissipate and be lost forever

You can't take the time to see that I don't go bitter

To take the time would mean you'd have to care.

You said you'd be in charge and make it all better

That you stir things in a way to balance the flavors

But you put me on the back-burner and cranked me up to high

Knowing I'd have to boil over and once again, scald myself.

You knew that on my own I'd burn and leave a stain

I'd turn to charred remains and be tossed out with the refuse

But you watched and sat back as I boiled with crazy madness

Knowing I'd soon be gone, a scald stain on the stove top.

You weren't supposed to let me burn and boil and steam like this

You made promises of helping whisk the fears away for good

Of adding flavors to erase all the bitterness I feel all day

But you broke your word and threw me out, with the trash.

Is that how you see me, as a filthy piece of trash?

Is that what you wanted, a boiled over mess?

You've managed to make me feel like a distasteful waste of life

So have your way, I'll just continue, to boil over and scald myself.

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3 meaningful meanderings:

CaJoh said...

I like the imagery and the reference of putting things on the back burner.

I would not want to neglect the kettle and let the water boil out melting the kettle in the process.

If you add a tea bag and let it steep you are adding flavor without stirring up the pot.

Thanks for sharing,

gayle said...

This is Good!! I could feel your pain!! I write my best when I too am hurting!!

Toriz said...

It's strange how it's so much easier to write about pain than about anything else. Don't you think?

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