Sunday, April 25, 2010

I ♥ UByKotex

Heck I don't even USE their products but I LOVE them! JUST for the commercials and videos alone. I am sure you have seen the one where the girl talks about twirling on a beach and wearing white, it was even up on someone's blog, but there is more people! And it makes me laugh so hard, I chocked on a pretzel when I heard the guy say "are they flavored, what's with the flower?". So I am posting them for your mocking and enjoyment!

And okay, maybe I do live a sheltered life, but WHY on Earth do the ones (and it sounds like Australian accents) here, use a beaver puppet??! Seriously check it out. It is freaking me out and grossing me out, if it is a representation of "down there". WHY would you use a beaver in your ads?!!

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