Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuesday Trivialities

It has been an interesting few days. Besides, the disastrous dentist appointment, even. My Dad was in charge of dinner on Sunday, and he had just finished cooking the turkey bacon (to me, YUCK. Like colored construction paper!), and was about to cook the regular bacon, when the over-range microwave zapped and DIED. (Yeah we real bacon eaters had badly burnt bacon from the stove) And we use the microwave so much! So this was NOT happy news! Even for neck and headaches, we all have these beanie buddies neck things that you nuke in the microwave and wrap around your neck, so this was not good. My parents went out Tuesday and bought a new one and my Dad attempted to put it in on Wednesday. This was not a good thing. There were expletives and such as he tried with Katie to lift it in place, with Sandy shining a flashlight at the holes they were trying to screw in...which stripped the screw on the right eventually. So my Mom and I went down to the home improvement store and asked for help finding a bolt just like it, but MAN, they do NOT know what they are doing. Mom and I both found the best option ones on our own. Lame helper! But it was almost 9pm when we got home so the microwave still sits on the ground. And my Dad has to go off to work a far away job so it will be MIA until at least Friday...I am a slave to the nuker, I have been like...agghhh how do I eat THIS?!!

I got 5 of the keys in and was busy working on them yesterday. Most came as just the pendant, and they didn't even have the circular piece that actually goes ON the chain. So I was hurting my fingers and hands trying to do that...I do not own jewelry tools people, I was using tweezers and nail clippers. I HURT my fingers! OUCH.

I found out from Katie, that Spring time is considered BiPolar SEASON among a lot of professionals!! The weird facts she is picking up at this Psych Ward. Apparently most BiPolar people (Type I or II) do really badly in the Spring...hey, anything to explain why life SUCKS right now is nice, but I doubt it since I have been having this really bad patch for over 18 months, and this BAD BAD patch since around September. Ugh. S.S.D.D.! I am just really struggling.

Being so not okay with...anything in life right now, has made it so I SO want to use retail therapy. It might be a temporary feel good feeling, but at least it feels good. But I am supposed to be saving for Florida retail therapy, 2 weeks of vacation where I can but what I feel like buying from stores I mostly don't get to shop at, usually because they are not in CT at all. I LOVE going to the Florida Mall, it has such cool shops! But I couldn't help myself and went back to Kohl's and picked up another tee on sale, and then I saw a tee I fell in love with, it was coppery and I have nothing like it, so I had to have it. Sadly it was so not on sale, $26! I usually only pay that kind of money for a tee WHEN IN FLORIDA!! But I couldn't resist. Darn it all!

Today I got something that was so needed. A letter from Sheri of Sheri's World. She sent me a great letter and some cute prizes including REAL Mardi Gras beads from New Orleans!! Which maybe I am a spaz, but I got so exited about them, lol! I doubled hem around Maxie but I had no camera, I will have to try to remember to do that. I was holding him so I couldn't see but Mom and Sandy said he looked adorable! It was just like the perfect day to get this package, it was the one bright spot of my day.

Tomorrow I am going to return my glasses and ask for a refund. Then I will have to find a new place to try that our insurance covers.

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5 meaningful meanderings:

Kristina P. said...

That Sheri is awesome!

Sheri said...

Our microwave blew a year or so ago and had to replace it, I know the annoyance of that! Hopefully it is put in now though and working.

VERY glad you liked the package and beads I sent you. :)

Toriz said...

*Hugs* Hope you're doing better today!

LadyStyx said...

We've had ours for about 6 years now. I so wish to get another one but this one simply will not die. I swear it was a cat in a past lifetime...

gayle said...

I wish my stove, vacumn and dishwasher would die!!

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