Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Evil Doctor

Oh, please we all know it is true. Dentists are evil and they live to dole out pain and frustration! Ugh! I LOATHE going to the dentist, the thought of an appointment will be on my brain for days before I actually have to go, that is how much I worry and think about it! The sounds grate on my nerves and freak me out, the smells of the tooth cleaning paste and what not makes me want to gag...I just HATE the dentist. It probably doesn't help that no matter what I do, I seem to get cavities and I also always had the problems as a kid/teenager.

I had the jaw that needed a bionator to correct my bite. Yeah, I had to take a drool cloth to school with me because I had to wear it all DAY! And I drooled! Then I had to wear this ginormous rubber mouth thing in junior high, 7th grade, when I got home until I went to bed. THEN came the braces and mouthpiece. But my front teeth went back to the original spots and I ended up having to have braces a second time in High School. And they went back, those front teeth. So I ended up self-conscious about even showing my teeth for oh about 12 years. Until I had the 4 teeth ground down just about 19 months ago and had them replaced with 2 crowns and 2 veneers and I now, after a lot of pain over the process that took months, have teeth I show. When I first started blogging I had just gotten them finished, and I was SO proud to post pictures of ME smiling, because I had this fake smile that covered the one longer tooth in front, and my sisters said you could always tell it was my fake smile. Or I smiled close mouthed and I covered my mouth when I laughed. So my point? I have had way too much dentist office time, and I hate it.

Today I went in for a cavity filling, which I HATE. But it is a 45 minute appointment, so I was like I can handle this on my own, yeah...yeah. So I even arrive a few minutes early and they then put me in a room, they now have TV's which is a nice distraction so I put Ellen on, as it was just starting and waited. And waited. 30 minutes go by before the Dr. comes in just to inject me with novacaine! And DANG I hate that needle, it is SO huge and hurts so bad! And he leaves, and I know he has to wait about 10 minutes, but I keep on waiting. He was with me for 2 minutes maybe and I waited ANOTHER 30 minutes before he finally showed up!! A 45 minute appointment should NOT actually begin over 1 hour into it!! Then he finally starts working and after like 15 minutes I am feeling some painful sensitivity, and my brain is like NOOOO. NO, please, NO. He has under-numbed me before, but he checked BEFORE he began by tugging on my lips and stuff. He did NOT do that this time. I started flinching involuntarily and he noticed and asked if I was hurting. I was like "thes, thes I ham!", and he was like, can you handle it? I do not do pain well, so I was like screaming inside as I asked how much "wonger" it would be? He said only a few minutes so I was like no way am I waiting here for another freaking half hour, I have errands to do, so I had him finish as I was. Which was very, very uncomfortable. I finally left and went to the car, feeling like I could be drooling my FACE was so numb, and saw I had been in that office for 1 hour and 38 minutes!! And I have to go BACK June 3rd for another cavity filling.

Can you not see why dentists are EVIL?!! They make you wait, which stresses you out, then they hurt you and make you schedule appointments to be hurt AGAIN. Sadistic P.I.T.A.'s!!!

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Kristina P. said...

I completely agree. I HATE the dentist.

The Boob Nazi said...

I like the dentist.

Sheri said...

I hate the dentist too - and don't forget that if you don't have insurance expect to pay for that dental work for at least a year (even just cavaties being filled) I'm FINALLY paying off mine in full from last year's (and some this years) stuff this month. FREEDOM - until May when I have to go back /cry

Toriz said...

I have no issues with dentists. I mean, it's just another doctor. I've spent so much of my life waiting to be pulled about, jabbed with needles, etc, that it just doesn't bother me any more. I have a brief moment where I groan and say, "oh, just what I need, another medical appointment of some sort!" Then I just get on with it.

LadyStyx said...

I hate dentists too. And the local shots... don' on me. So yeah, next trip in, Im going to require sedation...

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