Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Son of a Bitch" (that's your warning)

I am having a really BAD day. One of those crying for no apparent reason, bad days. The knowledge I gained from that paperwork, okay some helped. It was like confirmation, the first half, like heck yeah, I am not alone, all sorts of other people have that happen. But the medication section really scared me even more then I thought when I wrote that post last night. I ended up bawling in fear later. But I don't really feel like dwelling on my depression. I don't consider it not sharing as I want to do on my blog, I consider it, an I am sick of thinking about it post. So I found the video that sums up how I am feeling RIGHT this moment. And it shows that I am no prude too, as this is in my Favorites on Youtube. So if you hate Sawyer's favorite phrase on Lost, do not watch, but if you find it funny, watch it and I think the number of times you hear it, sums up how Wendy is feeling right now.

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5 meaningful meanderings:

Kristina P. said...

Love Sawyer.

Jen said...

He can say it all day with that accent. Hope you feel better now.

Toriz said...


Sheri said...

Love Lost too. Hope you feel better soon Wendy ::hugs::

gayle said...

Love Sawyer!!

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