Monday, April 5, 2010

My Easter

Well, since Sandy is in too much pain to even want to attempt the car ride, and my Mom had to work, it was just me, Dad and Katie going to Aunt Maureen's for Easter. We packed up the things we were bringing, the rolls and frosted brownies, and an Easter basket for Auntie. My Dad said she is always doing stuff for other people, that he wanted his sister to get a basket full of goodies.

Auntie decided this year, since all her kids and family have such different schedules, to have Easter dinner buffet style between 2pm and 5pm. We got there about 2, we wanted to get the yummy food! Auntie loved her basket, and my Dad brought her one of our old microwaves because hers had died. She was pleased with her baby bro, LOL! The buffet started soon after. The only problem for me, is I no longer eat Ham, and I don't eat kielbasa. Also I hate cooked carrots and salad made of things that look like bush leaves. So I had a roll, some of Auntie's special potatoes and a lot of this cheese and fruit plate. Mmm I think I take good food shots!

And dang my lil doctor-made stomach, I was stuffed really FAST. So I didn't get that much food in, including cheese, MY only source of protein for the celebration. P.I.T.A.!! We met some new friends of Auntie's and then Auntie got a call from the 2 missionaries she had invited. 6 of their fellow Elders had no where to go on Easter!! My Aunt Maureen was not about to allow that, so we had 8 missionaries over for about an hour and a half until they had to leave for a required meeting at 4pm. My Aunt COOKS. She was able to serve 26 people and 3 people backed out last minute due to illness. And there were plenty of leftovers!

I wanted to go see if I could find some cool shots, so I went outside and my cousin Liz followed me. She was followed by two of her cats I haven't had much contact with, Kiwi and Felicity. We wended up playing with them for awhile. I don't have much experience with at all, so when Felicity started biting me I was like *agghhh* but it didn't really hurt. It was just a shock. It actually felt like Maxie's baby teeth had, so I didn't end up minding it at all. It was a game I played with Felicity, Liz with Kiwi, they like to bite, lick if they think they bit too hard and swt with their paws. AND, of course, be rubbed all over their bellies and heads. I was loving it! The black one is Kiwi, and the black and white one is Felicity. (There are other cats, my beloved Tiger who is very old, but acts like a dog so I adore her, was MIA)

The day was so gorgeous. It was high 70's!! Freaky! It was hot under the sun, but there would then be a breeze and it was just heavenly. Liz got hot and went back inside but I went and took pictures, then had the 2 cats following me, until I went back to where the ground was dry and lay down with them both. They hate each other, so there was a hiss fight, but I was able to get them to lay on separate ends of me and played with one at a time.

Here is Kiwi at my feet area:

And here is a shot I took behind my head, so it isn't a great shot, but Felicity CHOSE to curl up around my back/head:

I loved it, I was out there for like an hour at least, if not more. I bonded with Felicity for sure, look at THESE shot she let me take of her!

I adore her now. I like these 2 cats and Tiger, they are GOOD kitties! Anyhow, I went back inside only to find the main room was in, as usual, a loud debate, probably started by troublemaker Uncle John, about insurance or something. They were all getting very loud vocally and Katie while saying she was loving it, looked like she wanted to throttle people. Dad asked if I was ready to go, but I wanted to stay for Uncle John's latest idea. We were going to have a kite contest. And there would be winners and prizes! I was thinking they had gone to the like Dollar store and gotten a bunch of the cheap plastic colorful ones. I was wrong. We should have LEFT! Because see that Uncle John is carrying? Look below.

Yeah that would be about 14 PAPER kites we had to BUILD from scratch. There were instructions when you unwound the paper part and these were in English, but seemed like Japanese! Look at all the confusion, that lasted at least 30 minutes!!

Here is a pic where Katie got her kite up, she had a LOT of crash and burns, but enjoyed it so much she brought her paper kite home!

Yup, here I am, I was actually getting it to finally CLIMB, it was pulling at me....

...and then it met the tree. They were all calling me Charlie Brown! You have to admit though, my kite WAS in the air the longest. It still IS!! The string snapped and it is LODGED in that tree!

I did end up with a "boobie prize", Auntie felt my kite still being up in the air deserved it, lol! After a little more dessert, we packed some desserts for Mom and Sam and Auntie gave us some ham too, and we left for the 45 minute drive home. I called home to let Sam know. See, we were having our own dinner, a chicken with fixings dinner that I was hungry for and looking forward to. They were eating it right then though, even though we agreed on 7-7:30!! Boo! So it was all lukewarm when we got home, so I had to nuke it, which I LOATHE, but it was still SO good, and yummy chicken is full of protein!!

After the running around in almost 80 degree weather, and having mud all over my pants, I took a shower and ended the day watching 2 episodes of Bones with my Mom and both of my sisters. It was a good ending. I also ended up talking to my Mom about Jesus and his atonement, I didn't realize, I had so many questions and felt I didn't know enough until last night, when I did some research on our LDS webpage. And I had questions even after that my Mom and I talked about. I did better talking it out with my Mom than any seminary classes or church class did. I am a visual and story-telling person and was able to ask the questions I wondered about, etc. I know I need to learn my religion better, I actually WANT them to make a Book of Mormon for dummies because I struggle with the scriptures so much. It just doesn't make sense, no matter how hard the teacher has tried to drill it in, and it seems boring when it makes no sense, but when I read it in a way that I GET, I retain it better. I know more from my Sunbeams class because they dummy it DOWN! Anyway, I like that I had this talk with my Mom on the day Jesus rose again. It felt right.

I hope you all had a great Easter too, I loved today!

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gayle said...

Looks like you had an awesome Easter! Great pictures!!

Kristina P. said...

The weather looks beautiful! Glad you had a great Easter!

The Boob Nazi said...

That fruit looks delicious.

Salt said...

It looks like you had such a wonderful holiday! The weather was so awesome here was wonderful being able to do the Easter egg hunts and then have dinner outside on the porch.

I love the kitty pictures. (I LOVE KITTIES!!!)

Toriz said...

I'm glad you had such a great Easter! :)

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