Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cursng/Cussing...Why?! Friend or foe to You?

So, I was on errands the other day, and I heard a song that I personally was hearing from the first time. I listen to my Ipod a LOT, so I don't actually hear that much radio lately. I hate "commercials". So when the song "Billionaire" came on, I was like "oooh yeah, nice voice and beat", I loved it. So I was really excited to download it for my personal enjoyment on my Ipod.

And then I played the first download. I was doing my groove thang and then "rrwwwwrrr" (thing of the noise a record player makes when you rip the needle across it), there it was. The freaking, quite unexpected "F-bomb". I know they clean up songs for radio, but the word "fricking" just sounded so natural as it was sung, not like a dub in or anything. Yes I know, that fricking is as bad to some of you as the "F-bomb", but not really to me. To me it is an alternative than using foul language.

And I am hyper-critical when it comes to swearing/cursing and cussing. I have talked before about how I just cannot DO it. Not even cuss words. My BAD words are crap, bloody and I may use the acronym of P.I.T.A. occasionally, but that is it. I just find it so vulgar in real life and in music. You hear it all the time in movies, so maybe I am desensitized in that, though of course I would be delighted if they eliminated the curse words at least, but I admit, in regards to movies I am rarely fazed with it. But in all other regards, it pisses me off!

There are over a quarter of a million distinct English words, and that I believe does not include a lot of the slang, etc used or words that are now kind of obsolete. So don't you think these "writers", should be able to use some better language skills to express themselves?! To me, lyrics are poetry set to music. And poetry is supposed to USE language to create, explore, etc. So why on Earth can't they find a word that is better than F___ that, or stupid ____h, or a__hole?! I might be insane but I would prefer, PREFER, to hear this kind of conversation:

Because I DO have friends, and they know I am Mormon, or that I hate cursing, but they can't help themselves, and will start "F-ing" this and that and throw all those words I hate around in one tirade. And you might guess, I say nothing about my dislike of the words to them, I have no back-bone and am too afraid of losing friends to remind them. (Heck, I texted my ONE really good IRL friend last night, telling her I needed my friend, that I was really doing bad, and she said she would be there for me. But I can't even get her to email me back and it has been 4 months...yeah maybe I should take a hint). Anyway, I hate having to sit there and hear all the ugly words added to sometimes really NICE conversations. It spoils them a little, in my mind, when you litter then with vulgarities. Do I stop being someone's friend because they curse? No, not at all, but I would appreciate it is when they remember, they TRY not to do it too much around me. Just some consideration.

So I really dislike it when I find a song I really like, either just because or because it speaks to me, and later find out it has a strike against it. Like this "Billionaire" song, I can't help listening to the CLEAN version I have, I really like the song, but when I am singing it in my head, guess what word accidentally pops in that space half the time now?! And it seems so lame to have it in there. There are a few songs I really like, REALLY like, but they have to include a vulgar word like in ONE spot of the entire song! Oh my gosh, you should have seen my face...okay I didn't even see my face but I could feel it...the first time I listened to "You Don't Know Me" on my Ipod. I had downloaded it, but had been listening to it mostly on the radio, and then one night it starts while I am in the shower listening to my Ipod and when they get to the ONE spot they decided to plug in the "F-bomb" I BLANCHED. I was blasting this music and my Dad was in the room next door watching TV!! I was definitely thinking if I could make myself say it out loud, I would definitely say I am in deep s___ if he heard that in his house. It was SO unexpected. And didn't even need to be in that sentence from the song.

I just don't get why they need to add a rude word once or twice into an otherwise clean song. I mean some groups it is every other word so you should expect that. But some songs it was just a complete shock to hear that the radio edition's were just too kind and I better make sure I have the clean versions of some of my current fave songs.

There is just so much diverse language to be used, why use these same words, that everyone knows are meant to be vulgar, etc, when you can find brilliant words to use that convey so much more and make you a person who uses their brains? What is your opinion?

Sorry end of tirade, it just...irks me. I find it irksome. And I decided to include a few of the songs, their CLEAN versions, so you can make sure to note, I want to buy/download the clean versions. Or if you really enjoy that other explicit language, you can know, hey I need to go on Youtube and find the "REAL" versions. Maybe some of these songs you will be surprised to see posted as you also thought, HEY, I had NO idea that song had anything objectional in the language!

1) Billionaire by Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars (Clean Edition)

2) Funhouse by Pink (Clean Edition)

3) You Don't Know Me by Ben Folds (Clean Version)

4) Bottle It Up (Clean Version - I admit I have the normal one on this one)

5) Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne (Clean Version)

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Toriz said...

I openly admit that I use curse words from time to time, but I do try to avoid using them. I know several people who use them a lot, and I often try and steer them away from using them, or at least from using them as much. I completely agree with you that they aren't necessary in songs and movies. They managed fine in the past without them, and could - and should - manage fine now. It proves it's possible when they clean them up for the radio. That's why I don't tend to listen to many "modern" bands or artists, because I don't appreciate the language they use. Even in movies they insist on adding curse words. Take the Harry Potter movies... Ron says, "bloody," quite often... Why? Why can't he just say, "that was brilliant!" instead of, "that was bloody brilliant!"

Kristina P. said...

I say "hell" a lot, but I don't really consider that a curse word.

I also say "effing." Not the real word. That word. I don't really know why.

mama-face said...

James Blunt: "Beautiful" is a perfect (though I shouldn't use the word perfect in this case) example of this...I'm assuming you know what I'm talking about.

You brought up a lot of good points. I know that I have a bit of a potty mouth, and when I hear a little swearing I don't notice it really...but if I'm watching a movie and they start using the F-word over and over, just a constant stream, I feel somewhat assaulted.

I have to admit thought that "When you see my face I hope it gives you H.e.double hockey sticks" is one of my most favorite songs. Just don't tell lil dub!


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