Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday Fragments

*This weather here in CT just SUCKS. I know we were trying to get Obama to visit CT today so that he declared CT a disaster or whatever, the way he has for Mass and...Maine? I can't remember, but the flooding has been SO bad for some people, lots of destruction and we are hoping to get some aid in fixing things. That was what the news said this morning anyway.

Anway, it is odd weather too. It finally stopped raining (finally!!) and is sorta warmer but then has cold blasts but is supposedly going to be in the 80's tomorrow (what the frick?!!)! This is April, we don't get the 80's here. And it sure doesn't seem like it could get that high, it is really nice and cool tonight. But the weather is changing so fast, I have had an almost migraine for over a week. It is really hard to deal with on top if everything else!

*Needful Things is the MOST boring Stephen King movie ever! Well that one with Jimmy Smits and digging up the "ship" was awful too, but this was just as bad. I had to fast forward to the last 15 minutes and that was a snore too. And I highly doubt the actual book was. We are talkin

g about Stephen King here, the man is GOOD. I like him for some reason, even if I have only read a handful of his books, I have seen many movies based on his work and tend to agree with his reviews of them. He hated what they did to The Shining and after seeing the version he approved of, with Steven Webber, I am wowed! That is SO not the same movie at all! The Shining actually makes sense and they explain things far better! I just like the man, and h

e has been through a lot, he was never going to write again after that horrible accident in 2002. He was in so much pain, but then he couldn't stop himself he needed to get the thoughts in his highly imaginative brain OUT. So even though it was painful to write, he has continued, and is back at it to this day. Lisey's Story which I think my Mom really liked, happened, when King'

s wife cleared his writing study out, because he was giving up writing. Seeing it empty made Lisey be born. I just appreciate him, I guess. He is oddly fascinating.

*I bought Sherlcok Holmes this week, but since Sam and Kat never saw it I have kept it. Kate will probably have to watch it on her won though, as she has agreed to dance for Nadim tomorrow!! After what happened LAST Saturday, I can't believe it! I have nicknamed him Nadim the Demon, it sounds like it could be his name if you moved some letters around. *shrugs* I don't care if you believe me...P.I.T.A.!! LOL! Look I used it!!!

*Sam is doing better with the pain. She is able to hold Max if you pick him up for her, so that makes her very happy. She misses sleeping with him but can't risk him jumping on her.

*I am so looking forward to seeing Kiefer DIE on General Hospital... I am so evil, heehee! But he IS a scumbag and beats Kristina AGAIN! Good story!!

*24 is ending!! Hahaha! Sorry, but I have never been interested and even my Dad, the DEVOUT Jack Bauer fan, said this season is BORING. But I am SO happy to report Supernatural is SO definitely having a Season 6 AND they are almost at their 100th episode!! Boo-yah!! And on Bones next Thursday, THEY are having their 100th episode, which David Boreanaz is directing! And we get to see how Bones and Booth met, and that means the characters as they were 5 years ago, which means...what you can't guess fellow fans?!! A ZACK is back episode!! I miss Eic Millegan, even though I do enjoy the rotating interns, Zack is mucho missed!

*My glasses...oh my freaking new glasses. Yeah I went and got the new lenses in the other material, because they were still blurry after trying them for 5 days. So it was my 5th return to Sears in the last MONTH, which is a 20 to 25 minute drive away, so it IS a pain in the neck to go over there. And I get home and they are feeling a little better if I stare at one thing without moving my eyeballs a bit, but if I do, BLUR! This is so not right. AND I was looking at them and one of the lenses is in crooked! I wait 30 minutes for them to put the lenses in and they gi

ve them to me crooked. The optician should have FELT that and SEEN that! My parents are sick of this, not as sick and stressed about it as I am, but almost. They want me to just get a refund and then go somewhere else. AND get a new eye exam. We do not like the fact that I feel I need a barely slightly STRONGER script and the Sears guy said I needed weaker ones and that I

LOST the astigmatism in one eye. So we are not trusting the RX either. It is just SO frustrating, all I want is to be able to SEE correctly. And now Florida is in less than a month and a half, and I wanted good eye vision for the trip, so AGGHHH!

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3 meaningful meanderings:

The Boob Nazi said...

Glasses suck.

Kristina P. said...

I have been a long time 24 fan, but I'mnot sad about it ending. It's just gotten tired.

Toriz said...

That really sucks about the glasses. I think you should go with the refund and go elsewhere!

I want to see Sherlock Holmes. It was on Sky over Christmas, but I was at the flat with no Sky, and I forgot to ask Mam to record it for me.

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