Monday, January 25, 2010

Zoey and Errands and RED

Okay it is a weekday, so I will talk about something hopefully more interesting. I met ZOEY on Friday. Okay there will be no pictures, I know BOO, but Weezie is unsure of how much exposure she wants Zoey to have on blogger, and she is the Mom, so no problem. Plus she posts pics on Facebook so that makes me happy enough. So sorry for none on here, but I get Weezie, she is a first time Mom too.

OKAY. So, I woke up real early for me, but thanks to my friend, 5 Hour Energy, I felt I could conquer the day! We stopped by Price Chopper and had them make a mix of pink, orange and yellow gerber daisies. They are one of Weezie's faves. She had them all over for her wedding. We also brought the chocolates we had for her parents and for her and Zak.

We got there and there were plenty of H's about. Weezie's brother Matt and wife Hydi were there with their 2 youngest, Lucy who is 3 and Gretchen, who is about 5 months. And Sister H!! And TWO babies, yeah!! I got to hold Zoey first, thanks Sandy!! They call her big at just over 8 pounds but to me she is small. Sure, a lot of H. babies are born way smaller, like 5 or 6 pounds, but still, tiny! She is so skinny and she tries, I swear to do a back bend ALL the time. It makes me wonder what she was doing inside the womb.

She was very serious and a wee bit unhappy while we sat there. She was getting hungry so Weezie had to take her back and feed her. It was feeling a little awkward there. It seemed like they all wanted to go. And Sam and I had thought we were supposed to be getting to know Zoey and visit with Weezie. So I was like, want company? I felt like I would throw up asking, but I wanted to spend time with Weezie and Zoey. Sam felt it would be too awkward so she left. I got to hold Gretchen too, who I ADORE! She is such a jolly baby it is so adorable! She smiles and giggles and it makes you laugh! I stayed with Weezie while the others left for the restaurant. Zoey was not done. LOL. Then we got in the car and were driving to J.Timothy's Taverne when Zak was on the phone with Weezie. Maybe hearing his voice triggered something but Weezie seemed down after that.

I had fun with everyone at the restaurant, but my friend was not okay. I am not going to go into depth, so she doesn't feel embarassed but Weezie is struggling and feeling blue and worried it isn't normal. We all tell her it is way normal to be emotional, but I am not sure she believes it yet. I got to hold Zoey again at the restaurant. She was sleeping with a full belly. But then the lil stinker made a HUGE stinker that required an entire outfit change, lol! Anyway, Weezie ended up going home after lunch. I asked the rest if I could run errands with them. I had no plans, I was expecting to hang out with Weezie for awhile, so I wanted to get out of the house! They said sure so we helped Weezie get the back to her car and she left. I am glad it was Friday so Zak would be there to help with the baby all weekend. Let Weezie get some rest.

So I got in the van with Sister H and Matt's family. We went to Babys R Us to get Gretchen a high chair. Lucy was all over the place having a ball. She remembered my name after I told it to her in the restaurant so that was cute. She is such a cutie! I actually pointed out the high chair thing they got. They wanted one that went on a chair, and I was like there are some over here too, reclines and turns into a toddler seat. I think I was glossed over because 5 minutes later it was like, this one is PERFECT. It is fine, I am not a Mom so my opinion might not be wanted or whatever, but I secretly thought to myself, I found IT!! Ha! Sister H also picked out more cute outfits for Zoey, she is a Grandma, she can't help it! :)

We went to Trader Joe's after and Lucy pushed one of those kids carts and I got to hold Gretchy again!! Oh she is so adorable! So happy and giggly! I bought a few things I thought my Mom would like, but I was wrong. It is NOT almond butter she likes! Dang it all! She likes cashew butter and they no longer sell it there! Booooo! We also stopped by Dress Barn and Lucy was hiding in the racks. It was almost 5 so we didn't go to the mall after all, which was sad, but as they drove me home, Gretchen only settled down when I let her hold my finger and she fell asleep so I kept it there until we were at my house. I said goodbyes and then went inside. I worried I was a nuisance so I emailed Sister H, but she told me I was ridiculous and said Lucy had called me Auntie Wendy!! That made me wanna bawl! I would so run errands with them more, I am serious H's!!

Since I was up so early, there was still so much DAY left, so I asked my Mom to dye my hair and she agreed. She asked if I would let her trim it. Sandy was like NO, don't touch it, but I was like you can trim like an inch or so. I mean, I like having shorter hair, but Sandy and Katie have been saying how much they like it the length it is. So my Mom was like quick, lemme see your hair, and while Sam was in the bathroom cut a piece off. I was like, ahhh now Sandy will have to let Mom trim it. Only I didn't realize how much she cut off, so this is a hair cut, not a trim. I have short hair again.

So I was all worried and excited. We had the new professional coloring stuff I picked up from our beauty supply store, that is actually meant for DARK hair, but it is the red I want! And the last time I picked a color for regular hair, it was a dull red. So I mixed the ingredients I had to buy together...(note: find an aromatherapy thing at the supply store, the smell burned my mother's nostrils)...and then my Mom applied it. Since it is for dark hair, we only kept it in for 23 of the 30 minutes it says. And I went for a shower after. I was positive as I rinsed that I was going to be disappointed AGAIN. The hairs that came out, as my Mom really scrubs it in really HARD, did not look bright red. So I was all sad as I went downstairs. My Mom and Sam said it was red, but I reminded them they said it last time I hated it. So my Mom dried it for me and they were like, it is RED, Wendy! I went to the bathroom mirror, scared I would be disappointed again, and there is was...MY RED!!! I was like "it's the red, it's the red!!" over and over. I was a bit giddy I admit.

So here is my hair before Friday, this was New Years Eve so visualize about another half an inch more hair:

And this is me by Friday night ( I am leaning forward, my hair barely touches the bottom of my ears):

But it is MY red, I have found professional products that emulate the Feria color they stopped!! Yay!! I am so happy!!

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6 meaningful meanderings:

Toriz said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your time with the Hs, and that you got some cuddle time with Gretchen and Zoe. I'm also glad you found your red. :)

Lee said...

I'm so glad you got time with Zoe!

And I'm SUPER glad you finally found your red!

Fiauna said...

Yay for Zoey!

Yay for red hair!

Whitney R said...

Love the red! :) And it's short! I'm waiting till I have enough to give to locks of love again then I'm chopping it off!! Probably the shortest I've ever had it. It looks great though.

I'm going to get a trim for the first time in almost 5 months tomorrow. :)

mama-face said...

The color is perfect on you. What a sweet mom you have.

LadyStyx said...

YAY! The appropriate Wendy red!

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