Thursday, January 14, 2010

There are no GUY movies

Why is it that guys think they have an ownership almost, on action and thriller movies? Because I have to say, I love them way more than a lot of guys, I go see them in the theater and I then BUY them on dvd, so this being a "guys movie" thing is so over for me. Movies I like? Are Wendy's movies, 'kay?

I had to share this new trailer with you all, as it looks bloody awesome! Repo Men with Jude Law and Forrest Whittaker.

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Toriz said...

That's easy. Because they don't enjoy "chick flicks" they assume we wouldn't enjoy "guy movies" which they call the action type movies because they feel they should have guy movies since we have chick flicks. But it's not our faults that we are actually willing to watch more of a variety of movies, and that - though blood, gore, guns and such often make a good movie - we actually have the ability to enjoy a movie that doesn't involve any of that, without it having to be porn.

stewbert said...

Depends on the amount/type of violence whether I like them or not. But yeah ... I hear ya.

p.s. I liked your comment on the mormon bachelor pad stupidity. But I have to tell you, a LOT of RMs are jerks like that and treat women like garbage, or worse. Be PICKY about how they treat you!

Zak and Weezie said...

I think that you could have taken this post in the other direction as well. Women hold no ownership over "chick flicks" IMO.

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