Saturday, January 9, 2010


post signatureThat is the sound of me not having a computer. Like a robot hitting into a wall over and over. *sighs* Dad took the laptop early so hopefully it will be fixed earlier. And he already said I now have a YEAR of Norton Anti-Virus for FREE! Oh Norton catch all viruses and trojan horses, I am so sad! Yeah so I don't really have a computer to use tonight. Not going to sit alone in the unheated dining room by myself, when I could be in the TV room next to a pellet stove with my Maxie. So a real post and reading and commenting will have to wait. It is like 15 out people!! And expected to be in the negative numbers in the next few days. Hopefully my laptop, which I feel now deserves a name, will be up and running for those days.

On an EXCITING front, I learned my Weezie is in labor, so baby Zoey could be here already or soon!!! And I was told by the Weeze herself, this baby is my niece too! SO, Auntie Wendy very soon!!

Brrrrr. Bye now.

2 meaningful meanderings:

Toriz said...

Hope you get your laptop sorted quickly.

I also hope baby Zoe doesn't cause her Mommy too much pain as she comes in to the world, and that she's quick about it. Congrats to the proud new parents when baby Zoe makes it in to the world. :)

Constance Marie said...

Sorry about your lap top! And I'm so excited about Baby Zoey as well!

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