Saturday, January 23, 2010

Whole Foods/Trader Joes...Must go DOWN

I really need to ask, what is up with Trader Joe's and Whole Foods all of a sudden? It is like the "in" store of supermarkets. Everyone wants it noted that they shop at these places. Hey look at me, the celebrities show in magazines, I shop at Whole Foods! I must be a good person, I am so green and healthy and stuff. WHATEVER!

People like my sister shopping there, I get. She needs certain gluten-free products. She likes food like almond butter and soy milk and goat cheese spreads, etc. She is a health food person. She is always eating weird pasta made from a word I can't remember, and eating Kashi and blue corn chips and stuff they prepare for you there, salads and sandwiches, etc. I get her shopping there. And she has found a few finds that the family likes, like their fruit leathers. We like those and so we eat a few items from there. So I get people who like hard to find foods and people who are health nuts.

I also get people who shop there because they have to. People who have to eat ALL gluten free or all soy based products. Yada yada.

But it is no longer just them. It seems to be the "cool" thing to shop at Trader Joe's/Whole Foods. Um okay, Stop and Shop has organic fruit and vegetables, so don't be using that excuse. And like THAT many people care if they are organic, hello this is a recession, I will pay 89 cents a pound for regular ole oranges any day, instead of organic ones that are 1.59 a pound.

I think a lot of people shop there just to be like other people. Whole Foods has a wide selection for that kind of store, but it does not compare to the choices and range of food in a normal grocery store. And more mainstream brands are offering natural alternatives. You can now get all natural baked Cheetos and the like. So what is making these stores that were once just doing fine, now be crowded all day every day. I was at Trader Joe's today with friends. They needed a list of things. They are addicts like Katie, they have favorite foods they can only get at these places. True I did buy 2 items, but I had a reason. I thought it was almond butter my mom loved (I was wrong, it was cashew butter, dang it all! And they no longer sell it) and my Mom wanted some natural blueberry preserves and our 2 local grocery stores had nada. They had a brand my Mom has tried but hates. So I was like, yes! See, a certain need, just because I was there. I did not go out of my way to shop there, or do all my shopping there.

Why do people all of a sudden feel the need to hop on this bandwagon? An orange is an orange. My store has a natural food section, if I wanted that crap, which I don't. Sorry Katie, that is your food. I also know I SAVE money shopping at a place that has reasonable prices. My generic crispy rice is going to be way cheaper than Whole Foods versions.

I don't know why I am having such a beef about it but I am. People who have shopped there regularly and people who need special foods, I get them shopping there. And maybe if you need that special ingredient you can ONLY find at a store like this, I get that. If I fall in love with almond butter, I would get stopping by once in a blue moon for a few jars. But to go there regularly, when you have no real reason? I just find that a waste of money and I think a lot of people are just shopping at the "in" place. Oh look, Jessica Simpson shops at Whole Foods, I love her, I think I will shop there now! Who cares if I am on a limited budget and I only get 1 ounce of this hummus for 5 dollars. I am a "cool" shopper! So pretentious!

Ohhh, lemme just roll my eyes. I am sick of seeing every celebrity and wannabe celebrity photographed leaving a Whole Foods with a full cart. You just overpaid for food by like $100 at least. And people who just like the atmosphere or feeling of these places? Electrocute me. Unless there is a NEED, shop at the normal stores. You save money, you have coupons, etc. Stop shopping at these high end places just to be up with the current thing. EVEN Top Chef, it made me wanna scream that they shopped there every time! They do not have the best prices, so that fish they bought to make a amuse bouche that is less than an inch big? Money down the toilet bowl!!Aghhh!!

Now remember, if you have a real need, or have been a regular shopper, I have no beef. If you are in love with their chips, I get an obsession! I am just sick of these stores all of a sudden being packed, just because it is the newest craze. it IRKS me. I-R-K-S.

P.S. Love ya all. Talk about meeting Zoey tomorrow. Want permission to post any pics I took. Thanks for listening to my rant! Feel SO much better. LOL!

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Toriz said...

Hope you enjoyed getting to meet baby Zoe. :)

I do go and get bits from those kinds of places sometimes, but usually only if I really want something that they sell and can't find it elsewhere. I see no point in going out of my way for those couple of items though, so I only go in if I'm passing and think to myself, "oh, that's the place that does >insert item here< I think I'll go in and get some." And, for the record, I agree... There's a better selection - for less money - in most food shops nowadays. Admittedly they don't do a lot of the special items, so people would still need to go get those types of things there, but most of what they do can be found elsewhere... Often for less.

I tried doing all my shopping there once... I only managed to get maybe a quarter of what I wanted, so ended up going elsewhere anyway.

The Boob Nazi said...

I agree. I'd rather spend less than buy organic for whatever reason. I have to live on maybe 200 bucks a month, including utilities!

Genavee said...

I do most of my shopping at either Costco or Whole Foods - Costco for non-perishables and bread, and Whole Foods for perishables. I don't care about organic or not, but there are only 2 grocery stores in walking distance to my apartment, and I have no car. The other one isn't that much cheaper than whole foods and has scary produce. That being said, Whole Foods is way overpriced, and I feel so wasteful every time I go there.

Sarah said...

I don't have a Whole Foods up here and I didn't shop there all of the time downstate because I couldn't afford it. However, IF I COULD afford it I would ONLY eat organic and all natural products. Whole Foods selection of these products is unmatchable, period. Their prices are too high though. These stores are great for people like me that are sort of anal about what we put in our bodies. I eat healthy on a daily basis and shopping at TJ's or WF's is just stop for everything :)

Amander said...

All I know is that Trader Joe's makes delicious peppermint oreos and dried fruit. Yummmmm...

Zak and Weezie said...

Organic = Regular Ole Oranges.

Everything you buy that isn't organic, has been treated with chemicals, or processed artificially.

Glad you enjoyed seeing Zoey! She is the cutest baby to ever exist, ever.

mama-face said...

We don't have either one of those stores. Lame.

Ha. Your cashew butter story. Or lack of cashew butter...:)

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