Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Computer SUCKS

As you all know, my Dad just nuked my laptop and then we had to ADD everything back, but I am still having trouble! I keep on being redirected on like EVERY single link I click on! Random sites I am sent to and once in a awhile disgusting porn! I ran Norton and Ad Aware and Spybot, but it is still happening!

Now I am trying a new program, Malwarebytes. Someone said it finds things that Norton and other AV programs can't. We shall see. But I am just so unhappy right now. I do not feel like coming up with something to blog about. I am so frustrated. What else can I do?!

I just can't even enjoy the internet lately, and the net is my friend! Sorry, I am feeling pissy.

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7 meaningful meanderings:

Amander said...

That sucks. Hope it gets worked out soon!

Jillene said...

That same thing happened to my parents computer and eventually it just froze up. They had to have the hard drive completely wiped clean and start over. You might want to try that.

Sheri said...

:( that sucks

CaJoh said...

I think that is why I like to have my programs on one drive and my files on another. That way, if I encounter problems, I can just wipe the thing clean and start over without worrying about my precious files.

Good luck with your virus seek and destroy mission.

Toriz said...

That sucks! Hope you can get it sorted quickly.

stewbert said...

My computer fix-it dude recommends malwarebytes and installed it on both of our computers when we got viruses. love it.

LadyStyx said...

that stinks...let us know how that program works for you

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