Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bonnets Movies + Wendy= Blech!

Since Katie is starting the first of those dreaded externships in the morning, we decided to let her pick the movie. WHAT a mistake! I said I would stay as long as it wasn't Betsy's Wedding or 5th Element. I love 5th Element, but these two movies are ALL Katie ever wants to see! I should have stuck with one of those. She picked Pride & Prejudice!!! Agghhhh!!!!

Those of you who have known me the longest, know I LOATHE bonnet movies. They are SO boring. I have seen Sense & Sensibility (zzzzzz) and the Mormon and Bollywood versions of Pride & Prejudice (borrrring) and the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma. SO I know I loathe them! Sandy was like, IF you watch this the whole way through, this being the Kiera Knightley version, and you still hate it, I will not bother you again, at least about Jane Austen movies. And I hoped I would fall asleep...no such luck! When I want to stay awake to see the cool action movie, I am gone, but when I want to fall asleep? Wide AWAKE.

Except for the last 7 minutes, where Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy finally (man finallyyyyy) admit their mutual love and get together, the movie was as boring as I thought. Sandy says I am a freak. Oh well, I will try to not sob at being a freak for hating bonnet movies. Bahaha! There was only one version of an Austen movie I was like, NOT BAD! It is called, Lost in Austen, where a modern day girl switches places with Lizzie Bennett, and screws up the story so BADLY, but in the end Mr.Darcy falls for her and she rights the Jane mistake and Lizzie stays in modern day London where she is much happier. It is cute. otherwise they are all BORING. That is right, all you bonnet lovers, I hate the Jane Austen classics, with a passion! They are too slow moving for me, I want to throttle the characters!

Ahhh I feel ever so much better. Though here is a peculiar thing...I am really depressed since the movie finished, something about it, made me feel really low and depressed and anxious. Makes me hate it more. And it is kind of stuck so I have periods of depressing sadness wash over me, and I blame Jane Austen. Yuck! Blech! Blah!

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4 meaningful meanderings:

The Boob Nazi said...

I can't read your blog anymore after this blasphemous post.

stewbert said...

I hate them too.

Sorry BN.

Toriz said...

I agree that they're really slow moving, but they aren't all that bad really, are they?

Lee said...

Lol, I actually freaked when I read BN's comment.
I always read comments first, and I was like OH MY GOD, WHAT DID SHE SAY?!?!

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