Monday, January 11, 2010

Helloes and Goodbyes

Tonight I stopped by the church for a Farewell. The Jay's are moving to Arizona where a majority of their kids have settled down, with their families. Even their son who lives here is trying to move to Arizona also with his wife Beth and their 3 kids. But it is hardest seeing Brother and Sister Jay go. My Dad has been friends with Sister Jay since they were kids. So I have known them both my ENTIRE life. I have pictures where I am being held by Brother Jay, when he had a totally full head of hair and a mustache!! So not how I picture him. He has been 'stache free and has had a buzz cut for like, EVER.

Anyway, they have been fixtures of my life and are leaving CT for good on Thursday. The house they had like basically bought was suddenly bought from under them, so they will be staying with their son Jeff and his family, but I think the Jay's will love getting real quality time with the grandkids they haven't gotten to see daily, while they pick out a new house. It is sad though. They were such a part of our ward, and like I said, for my entire life. Sister Jay has been my teacher, my YW's president, my basketball coach, my Head Coach to me being her assistant coach, etc. Brother Jay has been my ride to seminary for 2 of the four years, my Bishop for a LONG time, etc. Even before he was Bishop, I could always count on a handshake every Sunday from Brother Jay. It is really sad to see them go.

Onto the hello portion. Tomorrow I am going to meet Zoey in person!! Sister H was there tonight and was like, WHY have you not stopped by yet?! I was thinking, well she was born Saturday and it is Monday, maybe parents aren't ready that fast!! But I am super-excited I will meet her when she is just a 4 day old. Unless we call Weezie tomorrow morning and she is like, uhhh I am not ready for visitors yet, ignore my Mom. I am hoping she does want us there though!! Yay!! I am so bringing the pro-like camera!! I thought I took really awesome pictures of...another baby, so I am excited!! And I want some taken of me with Zoey!! This isn't just a baby, this is my BFF Weezie's baby! A baby she said I am an Auntie to!! I will so teach her to draw and paint!! It will have to be another day, but I am so planning on buying her some supplies now so she can start as soon as her hand can grip things!! Weezie is crafty too, so I see artist in her future!! SO excited, I am jittery!! This baby is family, even if through love and friendship, she is real family. So this is an extremely important meeting!! ZOEY!!!!! I am excited...can you tell?

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The Boob Nazi said...

How sad that they're leaving. That's always hard.

Constance Marie said...

I know, the J's are leaving! BUT that means they're coming closer to me! It's sad, though, to see people we love leave.

And I'm so jealous you get to meet Zoey! Definitely post pics!

Lee said...

I'm sorry they're leaving. :(

But great you get to see little Zoey!

Toriz said...

How sad that they're leaving. Still, it's for a good reason.

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