Friday, January 8, 2010

Could life get any...?

...suckier? Seriously, right, there couldn't possibly me anything else that could go wrong, that would make me feel even MORE aggghhhhh?!! Right?

Umm wrong. My computer has been acting weird for a few days now. It's not enough that my Ipod was corrupted the other day, January 1st, so I had to restore it to factory settings and PRAY I didn't lose my music. Or that I had to order a new laptop battery because mine decided it was done, no, now my entire laptop is bad and needs to be nuked.

When I was doing one of my OCD projects, I ended up with desktop icons for porn from looking up song lyrics. What the heck?!! SONG lyrics! Then, one day, the net started not letting me go to sites I always go to. Even like! Then I started to hear commercials, but no page had a commercial or song playing! Then I was being redirected to this weird web page no matter what I searched for. Then the internet started shutting down whenever it wanted. Then it started shutting down ALL the time. Then I would turn on my computer and it would be frozen. Over and over it did this. Then even when I wasn't online, I would hear commercials playing.

So I ran Ad-Aware and Spybot, but doing those did nothing. My Norton is expired but it still will detect so I ran that...only to have the computer freeze halfway through. And you KNOW, how long this takes right??!! So I had to reboot and it froze, so I rebooted again and restarted Norton. After hours it said I had 2 viruses, but didn't show me how to fix them. So I ran it again, hoping my Dad would be up by the time it was done. I also left him a note about the newest problems. He found viruses and trojan horses. And they are failing to be fixed. So he is most likely going to have to blow my computer away...again! We backed up onto my external hard drive, but then he ran the test on it, I mean how stupiud would it be to save the viruses, etc.?! And there was one on my external hard drive, but that one was deletable. Thank goodness.

But now I can't even trust this computer. I NEED, yes really, NEED, to be able to still blog, and check emails, but otherwise, I can't do anything because I am worried what will happen!! It just feels like, enough is ENOUGH already!! Share the crappiness around would ya?! What did I do?! So the only 2 things my Mom wants me doing, until I am in a calmer place, play on the computer and watch tv, has been HALVED!! And watching TV unless you can really get into what you are watching, which doesn't always work, even for me, can do nothing! So I am left with an overwhelming need to slam my head repeatedly into a wall. A concussion could be welcome.

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Toriz said...


Lee said...

You should use AVG instead of Norton.
I've been using AVG for a couple of years, and I've never gotten anything worse than a little trojan that it instantly blocked.

Norton is a lot of fluff for nothing. AVG offers a free edition that blocks Spyware and Viruses.

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