Friday, January 29, 2010

Evil Me...cue the evil music

Thanks for the people who left comments on my last post, it was MUCH appreciated, just so you know.

I have decided I must be a bad person. Not for yesterdays reasons, etc, but because I am ticked off for certain reasons. The President talking yesterday? I SO did not tune in for even a second. And it makes me mad all the shows are re-runs or not on, because he decided he wanted to talk. I mean one or two channels airing him, okay. But most channels? And it also ticked me off last Friday when everything was cancelled for the Haiti Benefit. I KNOW I am a horrid person, but the same program was on over 32 channels! Every major station, all news stations, a lot of the purely cable stations. Now do NOT get me wrong, the Haiti situation is huge. But there are huge situations going on ALL over the world. So was it neccessary to have it on that many channels? Haiti needs help but what if you are already helping and do NOT want to see Madonna badly sing "Just Like a Prayer"? I saw her sing it, and badly, and I am sorry, it ticked me off that there was nothing left to watch on television BUT this. Tragedy is happening everywhere but it doesn't get to take over half of cable to raise money for it.

I think it is great, the "stars" decided to do a benefit to raise money. Of course if THEY gave a little more, as they rest of us are feeling the recession, even more would be going over there. But first off, there are a lot of places raising money for Haiti, you see commercials everywhere and as you drive around town there are signs and what not for donations. So George Clooney's benefit is not the one way people are raising money. I just find it irksome. Yeah we want to help, please I want to be able to help anyone in need, but that doesn't mean that everyone wants to watch this benefit. A few channels I get, but what made THIS form of raising money MORE important than the other places raising money? The so-called "stars"? See, I am a bad person. I think these things. And look, I am typing them up too.

I just think you should have a choice of what you are watching, instead of it being forced down your throat. Again, I support helping Haiti. They are not the thing that irks me. It is having all my choices taken away because "they" decided something is more important FOR me. So they put it on every channel, leaving you with either watching what they chose for you, or having to resort to a dvd or video, that just doesn't seem quite kosher to me.

Am I alone in this? Am I a bad person? I want there to be help for those who need it, but I think the way they are doing it, is just not giving you much of a choice. I mean, we are paying for cable, whether it be 40 channels or 240. Why do we have to pay to have George's face on almost ALL the channels?! Why should someone have payed for 240 channels that night when it was the same show on every channel?! It is like the movie Demolition Man, where every restaurant is Taco bell. Is that a choice? NO! Ugh, I am so boring. And evil apparently.

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Toriz said...

Actually, I agree. It's fantastic that people are doing all they can to raise money to help. It's fantastic that the "stars" could spare the time to care about people who can't buy their time, and it's fantastic that people are putting so much effort in to helping these people. BUT there is no reason why it has to be on every single channel. Put it on a few, sure! But let people have a choice.

Sarah said...

I hate to say it too but there are PLENTY of people IN THE US that need help and no one seems to answer to that. Can you imagine if we raised millions for homeless, addicts, and laid off people in the US?? Or better yet, spent that money in the US economy and stimulated it?! I'm tired of taking care of other countries and forgetting about ours.

Sheri said...

LOL You aren't an evil person for thinking those things either, I felt the same way actually :P

P.S. - I have an award for you over on my blog if you wanted to pick it up. :)

Lee said...

The money being sent to Haiti isn't really helping the people that need it.

I did NOT watch the President's long-winded unnecessary speech. He is an embarrassment to this country and continually puts his foot in his mouth.
The NERVE to insult the Supreme Court, MISSTATE the facts and have the entire room STAND AND CLAP for the insult while the Supreme Court was THERE?

LadyStyx said...

you aint alone... I'm seconding Sarah on her comment...if that makes me a bad person, then so be it.

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