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When things confuse is sometimes like, ohhh that is so a mental trap. Do not go there Wendy. You see I followed a link on The Boob Nazi's site, which led to this blog supposedly written by some return missionaries. And they are the biggest pigs in all the land. I even TRIED to give them a shot. Because the concept of seeing the world from the male Mormon's eyes, sounded like a good concept. I have loads of female Mormon blogger friends, wouldn't it be nice to hear from the males point of view? Uhm...NO! They are horrid! They rate women, tell some they are way too fat for their taste or too whatever, and it is like, you think this is what honesty is all about? Because they ramble on about how their blog is to be completely honest, but all you get is horn-dogs who degrade women and don't seem to care. They freely admit to making out with women they then call ogres behind their backs. That is not what I call honesty, that is just meant to be mean and hurtful.

And are they even brave enough to go by real names or photos? Of course not!! It is all anonymous in case the women figured out who they are. IF, they are real. Some people think this is all a ruse, like that blog I also got sucked into, as many of you also did, that one about the Mormon girl in love with her male BFF, and he just didn't see it, so there was such juicy drama, etc. And then we found out it was all made up, that it was written by another blogger we knew, who is married and stuff, and it was just a joke. Yeah so funny. NOT. Anyway, there are many believers that this is all a fake blog, designed to make itself popular by being such horrid "guys". So maybe there is one person writing this, male or female, who just LOVES the attention he/she gets by posting as several "men" (I use the term loosely) who are jerks.

It was sad how their honesty was all pure slamming down of women's self-esteems. I was really disappointed. I was also enraged. I was shaking, it hit a spot that just pissed me off. So I left a long comment. Sure, I was worried it would come back to haunt me, I do not need comments on my blog from mean people who hate that I hate their "heroes". Yeah, for some reason, these guys have almost 500 followers and most seem to BE females. Who are loving their stories...say what?! I just don't get it.

So where does the mental trap thing go, you may be asking? Well I went back to see if commenters had ripped me apart, instead I found one of the authors seemed to like my scathing comments and wants to know if I will be back to comment?!! I was like I am only checking to see if they roasted me alive, and that my comment was too much for you people. But it is THAT kind of attitude that is the don't go there Wendy! Do NOT get sucked back into going back to that website, simply because they enjoyed your insults. I know you might find me odd, like, Wen, why would that make you feel like you need to ever go back there? Do I have any real idea why? I appreciate that I was able to get that anger off my chest, and it was...appreciated? Is that what you would even call it? Here is what I wrote on their page after perusing it for a while:

"Wow. I only stopped by because how much Boob Nazi hates your blog, and that is saying a lot. She can appreciate controversy. But after reading some of your pathetic postings, I have to agree with her, you are all sad little dirt bags.

You claim this blog is for the sake of honesty, but I am not seeing this so-called honesty. All you are really doing is degrading females, those in your own wards even, and being contemptible. I thought it might be alright at first, honesty from guys of my faith...but all I see? A bunch of losers who think it is okay to demean women. To tell one she is too fat to be cute, or tell one she pulls off pasty real well!! You are doing wonders for their self-esteem. Like the world isn't sucky enough without you two knocking women down a few more pegs?!

There is honesty and then there is just being jack asses because you can get away with it. And that is all you are doing here. If this was a blog about being honest, you wouldn't be such 2-dimensional "characters". IF, this blog is even real and IF there is even more than one of you writing this. I have read some good blogs that turned out to be as fake as your stats most likely are.

And I am not gay at all, so don't get excited, but I have had a lot of hot Sister Missionaries in my Ward. And the reason they go on missions (besides a faith as strong as any guys)? So they don't end up married to idiots like you!!

I am sorry Boob Nazi, I am not trying to usurp your contest with Stephanie, I just had to read some of what you were saying they were about, and it made me sick. I might actually fear now that any guy who is a RM, is a jackass. They have ruined the illusion that a Return Missionary is honorable and respectful and had TWO YEARS to appreciate not having women around!! Ugh, I really DO need Pepto Bismol now."

See, scathing right? But one of them said it was too big for their insult sidebar and when was I coming back? I should be like, I am so done with that, they really do make me pissed off and I hate their degradation of women. So why does that seem like a challenge I was handed? See this is why it feels like a personal mental trap to me. What, you think I can't lambast you even more? You think I can't find you any more revolting? Because frankly I already do. They are so bad, I held back in fear they would retaliate by saying mean things to me. I don't do well with insults personally. Like I want them going here and calling ME fat and ugly and stuff. NO! So I even censored myself.

Does this post make any sense? Maybe not. But I had nothing else to write about and I could not believe this blog. I couldn't believe that these were supposed to be RM's, the guys most Mormon girls want above all others. YUCK. Not if they are all male chauvinistic pigs! I just found my reaction confusing. I was so upset people don't think I should ever go back to that site again, but my comments being appreciated were nice, but they are mental trap see? Which freaking way do I turn to get out?! Man...I hate my over-analytical brain.

P.S. And please, someone explain to me, WHY they have that many female followers when they insult women, and demoralize them and stuff? I am befuddled. BEFUDDLED!

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stewbert said...

Yeah, I'd avoid that blog. They are immature brats. And that's about it.

Sadly, I have met a lot of RMs like them. They are prevalent where I live. Maybe they're mocking them (like TAMN does certain other Mormon stereotypes), but it comes across as how they really are.

I'd like to think they have so many female followers because the women know men just like them and want to remind themselves not to be near jack-A's like them ever again.

Kristina P. said...

I found them through Julie too.

At first, I thought they were funny. But their posts started taking a turn for the worst. I agree with everything you say here.

I really roll my eyes and just talk to Amanda about how stupid they are. Especially since they like to say how popular they are, constantly.

I agree that something's fishy. You can't post that many supposed details and think you aren't going to get caught. Especially since the apparently have attorneys and so forth.

Lame, lame, lame.

Don't engage them. That's what they want. They have their little sidebar of shame because they think it's hilarious and they hope that you come back so they can mock you. That's why I just judge them from afar. :)

The Boob Nazi said...

You know how I feel about them.
The best thing is to just leave them alone, I feel.
I told Stephanie I was stopping our competition, but not because I thought I couldn't win hahaha.

Becca said...

I was also totally confused about why girls seem to like them. So many comments were like "You are so funny! I love you! Let's date!"

I've always heard about how women are attracted to bastards. I've never understood it.

Constance Marie said...

Wow, sounds like a really horrible blog. But these are probably the kind of guys who, like you said, WANT to create controversy, because it means they're getting attention, so when people are offended and scathing, they glory in that, because they're just as controversial as they wanted to be.

mama-face said...

They suck big time.

Why do the women on shows like The Bachelor do what they do? And that's tame compared to the lengths women will go to please a man. This is a huge issue to me so just reading your post makes me want to visit them to slap them-it's especially sick considering the standards they may claim to know and I especially know where you're coming from the faith aspect, you know.

Wendy, I have to apologize for being so absent! I changed my blog design and forgot that you changed your url several months ago (how could I be so stupid...and I didn't get it you on to my sidebar..which is what works for me as far as keeping in touch with my favorite blogs. gah. forgive me, please?

I hope you are well. I need to catch up.


Toriz said...

Some people seem to enjoy hearing or reading about others insulting others. I don't get why, since I'd much rather avoid such blogs. But some people seem to enjoy that kind of thing. I say leave them to it, stay away, and just stick to blogs with people on them who are worth your time, which people like those guys are not.

Lee said...

Isn't that somehow not right with your religion?
Especially for missionaries.

They're seriously a bunch of jerks.

Lee said...

Isn't that somehow not right with your religion?
Especially for missionaries.

They're seriously a bunch of jerks.

Amander said...

I found this blog through Julie too. They are not good examples of RM's.

I wouldn't engage them further.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, that's just wrong.

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