Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inventions and COnspiracies

I watched the newest Ricky Gervais movie tonight. The Invention of Lying. It was INSANE! I liked it, didn't love it, but liked it. There were some really funny parts. Commandments on Pizza Hut boxes, and the geriatric facility being called "A Sad Place for Hopeless Old People". Oh my gosh my Mom started choking she was laughing so hard, since she works at a geriatric facility! LOL! It is VERY quirky. I love his quirkiness. And after watching this movie, I so appreciate white lies and...TACT. Oh my gosh, where would we BE if we had to live in a world like this?! Where everyone tells the truth, ALWAYS! Oh man, you might think me odd to appreciate lies now, but watch this movie, and you too shall see that lies, can be a blessing! Imagine going up to someone and telling them they are a loser and ugly and fat and have no redeeming value in society. Because you tell the truth, and don't have the social norm of tact and politeness. Sure maybe everything you said was true, but that is why lies CAN be okay. You don't actually tell someone that! Oh and watch the outtakes too, I LOVE ones with Ricky, he has this INSANITY laugh he always has! If you watch bloopers for Stardust and Night at the Museum 2, you can hear his insane laugh there too! It is so weird, it makes you laugh!

Katie did not like her first day of externship. She didn't talk to me about it specifically, but I know she talked with my parents. Poor kid has to drive all the way to Hartford for the first and then to Middlebury for the second. It is like an hour drive to the Hartford one, with morning traffic. She had to leave the house at 6:45 to make it for 7:45!! Insanity, she was up at 5:30am!! I was still wide awake, I said goodbye to her when she left! This is going to be a long 16 weeks. And Katie with not enough sleep? Well, she is going to be a WITCH soon, I know it. I do know, that except for lunch she never got a chance to use the bathroom, and I am pretty sure, bathroom breaks are mandatory in the US. And she goes non-Dibaetic hypoglycemic if she doesn't eat often enough, and she went it. But they didn't give her any other breaks. My Mom says she should get a lunch break that is at least 30 minutes and also 2 15 minute breaks. I am not talking about peeing, I am just talking breaks. And she doesn't even get paid for an externship for school, so the least they can do is let a girl pee and eat enough to not get sick! Aggh! I hope she can get through these 16 weeks. She is so stressed out, if something happens, I just worry that will be it and she will want to quit. She has done 1 1/2 years, all that is left is 16 weeks, so I want her to finish for herself! So badly! Rotten teachers.

Wanna know something weird? It is like, maybe the world reads The Boob Nazi's blog! She is praising the show Dexter, telling us to go rent and watch the first season. So I look it up on Blockbuster... no store withing 25 miles carries Season One! Then I am like, I think my library has it!! So I go online, yup we have a copy of each of the 3 seasons but all are rented out, and have people in line waiting to rent it. BOO! What did you do, Boob Nazi, email that blog to the state of Connecticut?! I am now most anxious to know if this show is for me! Grrr!

I have Pandorum to watch tonight, I hope it is good!! It looked so cool, I was pissed I missed it in the theaters! I also have Gamer and Whiteout, but told Mom I would wait for her to try out Gamer. But Pandorum, here I come...right after my soaps...gotta know if Michael has spilled the beans that Dominic is an undercover cop yet!! I LOVE Dominic!!! GH rules. James Franco was just...weird, as Franco the serial killer artist. It was odd. LOL.

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The Boob Nazi said...

Dexter is just that awesome.

Toriz said...

Not saying things like that isn't telling lies. Not saying things like that is using a bit of tact. They aren't really the same thing.

Hope Katie can make it through these last few weeks. Hang in there, Katie... They may be out to get you, but you can do it! Show them you can do it, no matter what!

stewbert said...

I like Ricky Gervais. i'm going to have to rent that.

The husband really liked Pandorum. I didn't watch it.

Sarah said...

Your sister needs to say something or just ask for a short break, if she doesn't say anything alot of places won't say anything either. She needs to stand up for herself!!

I keep forgetting about the Cricut cartridges. The one I bought (2009) was normally $89!!! There are some that are $45 at Michael's. I guess they are cheaper on Amazon and eBay though :)

Lee said...

Netflix has Dexter. You really should look into Netflix. Saves money, and time. They have TV series for rent, and you can watch them instantly on your computer.

I want to see the Invention of Lying. It looks really funny. :)

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