Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I know I rent too many movies at once...when they are one night rentals. I can't help it though! I am trying to save money for Florida in May, where I like to have 2 straight weeks of retail therapy, so in order to save money I have to do redbox and over night Blockbuster rentals. Tonight I have Whip It, Surrogates, Saw VI, St. Trinians, Marines 2 and some movie that looked col with Vampire Diary's Iam Somerhalder. I also got 3 free rentals at Blockbuster but luckily I get those for 5 days. But that is 6 movies I have never seen in one night. It may be impossible, most likely even, but I shall still TRY, by golly.

I am going to start with Saw VI and I may look for a cheat so I know what happens before it happens...this series is like the only one I often NEED to do that with, because it is SO incredibly bloody and gory. They actually freak me out! But the concept from the first one was so interesting. Bloody gross but interesting. And they have been able to tie them into eachother, even with Jigsaw DEAD, so I admit, it is a guilty terrified pleasure. Then I shall go to St. Trinians which I think looks funny, then see where I go from there.

So, alas, I cannot do a long post tonight, movies are screaming at me, GET OVER HERE WENDY!! And I am weak, I go to them immediately.

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TheLittleFlower said...

Its been a long time since I watched a movie! I think I might rent one.
Hope you have a great time watching them!

Jillene said...

Hope the movies were good. The only one that I have even heard of is the Saw one and NO THANKS!! I can't handle those kind of movies in my old age!! (0:

Lee said...

I've only ever seen Saw II. And I'm going to keep it that way.

Needles, oh the needles.

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