Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ehhhh Wednesday

Ugh, that movie Live, the Russian Roulette movie? Sucked big time. 3/4 of it was like a fake documentary that David Krumholtz was producing as Eva Mendes "struggled" to get her pet project on the air. So it takes 3/4 of the movie for her and the lawyers to get the show through the court system, etc. And the last half hour is the show. There are 6 contestants, and one gun. There are 5 blanks and one real bullet. When your name is called, you stand in the "barrel" and put the gun against your head and pull the trigger. The 5 that live each get $5 million dollars. The loser, dies and the family gets nada. So you have 1 person who NEEDS the money to pay off his son's medical bills and not lose the farm, you have the gay guy who wants his family to not have to work like horses, you have the actress who wants to do this as "art", the wanna-be actress, the adrenaline junkie and the college graduate who wants to experience LIFE. Yeah so stupid. 4 go and all get blanks...and look sick before they pull the trigger. Mendes is getting happier and happier as the numbers go up. Then there is just adrenaline junkie and man who really needs this money. Adrenaline's name is called. He pulls the trigger and shoots himself in the head. Everyone is screaming at first, then they are all applauding!! Like amazing show! Yuck! Even Mendes had to go throw up, because she liked the kid and she just had a part in his death. But Krumholtz talks her up until she is like yeah, I did something revolutionary. So she goes out to meet with the press where a man shoots her 3 times until she is dead. News reports that the network doesn't think the show had anything to so with the "tragic death of the greatest TV icon in history"...yeah right!! Then it goes to One year later and they are having the show again! Hosted by the ex-wannabe actress who has a career thanks to the show. And David's voice saying how the show is held once a year!! Thanks to the awesomeness of Mendes' thinking. The end!!! I KNOW!! I thought there was going to be a lesson to be learned here! I mean the only times this kind of "show" worked and was actually allowed has been in movies where it is a bleak future time! Death Race and Gamer and etc. So this was depressing and just WRONG. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. What a waste of money and my time!

Anyway today was a real lazy day. I slept a lot, because of all that lost sleep. Had to talk out a lot of anger feelings with my Mom. I am just so angry and scared about all these feelings. I feel, very alone and scared. So I had to get that off my chest. Again, I am allowed to do nothing. Which is for the best, as I can FEEL myself looking for something to be OCD about. I just wish there was a switch on my brain, that I could set to off sometimes. Wouldn't that be ever so nice?

Oh crap I just saw a commercial for Chuck starting next week! I still have all of LAST seasons episodes to watch if I want to still be a Chuck viewer!! AND I think I missed an episode or two because I only see 20 tapes over there...and there was 22! CRAP.

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The Boob Nazi said...

I'm so excited for Chuck. SO EXCITED.

Toriz said...

I'm with you on the wish for the "off" switch. I could do with one of those at times.

Lee said...

What the f-...
What kind of movie is that?
That's disturbing.
That is seriously disturbing.

And for the record, BLANKS WOULD KILL YOU ANYWAY. It's happened before. Someone was a smartass and put the gun to their head, and killed themselves with a blank.
Ugh, stupid movie.

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