Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mixed Cd's and New Music to Love

I love to make mix cd's for people, but I have gotten used to the fact that I never get them myself. I make them for so many people, my family, friends, my cousins, friends of my sisters... but no one ever makes them for me. I like to make them for fun, but most often as a pick-me up for someone, or to expose them to new music, etc. The last one I received was from my friend Weezie, like in 2004 or 2004. Yeah I do not get them. LOL. So I was delighted when my friend Hannah gave me one as part of my Christmas present (including a necklace with a lil cuppie cake charm, so cute!!). We have very different taste in music, so it was like, ooohh an adventure!

So when I had to go run errands farther away, I grabbed the cd and was determined to listen to it all the way through. As my first mix cd in years, I was like, I am going to listen to it all the way through, no matter what. Kill Hannah is her fave band (I know, weird to be named Hannah too! lol), she even has a tattoo of this image from one of their albums on her wrist. Sadly (I am sorry Hann!), this was not one of the people on the cd I liked. I hoped I would, as she adores them, but their sound is just so not me. Most of the songs I had never heard, and was shocked when I learned that some were bands I have music for on my Ipod, but just had never heard these songs by them.

So I will tell you what I loved from this amazing mix cd, which I LOVE! First there is an AWESOME Christmas song by FallOut Boy called Yule Shoot Your Eye Out, I loved the lines "don't come home for Christmas, you're the last thing I wanna see, underneath the tree"!! You have to listen to it, it just sounds so cool! LOL! I also fell in love with 3 other Fall Out Boy songs I have never had the experience of hearing: What a Catch Donnie, Golden and I Don't Care. My fave of those 3 is What a Catch Donnie. It kind of speaks to me, the lines that go: "I have troubled thoughts and a self-esteem to match". Maybe that was why I was tempted to go to the website of those jerk jackasses. Any boost in self-esteem, even them liking my insults, is a boost nonetheless. Ugh. Anyway here is What a Catch Donnie is case you have yet to experience it:

I also fell in love with the Panic at the Disco's songs called New Perspective and That Green Gentlemen. I only liked one song from their original album so I had never bothered listening to any others, so I was pleasantly surprised to fall hard for these 2 songs. I like the thought of living life from a new perspective, even if, for me, it is not doable right now, just sounds great. And That Green Gentlemen just is so fun, I want things to change for me and for it to be alright too. So I included that video, it is a cool video too.

Those were the more well loved bands though. There were others I had never heard before. The song called Open Happiness, is featured in a Coke commercial, which is a bunch of famous singers singing together. I love it, it is really catchy and I highly recommend it. It is fun to watch too, so I guess I will include that one too. See if you don't move your body listening to it. It can be hard to find if you don't know what you are really looking for:

Then there was the Hayley Williams song Teenagers. Now you all know Hayley as the lead singer of Paramore, but this is a song just from her. It is featured in the Jennifer's Body soundtrack. It really got into my blood and got it pumping so it too became a current fave. There was also a song called Wine Red by a group I have NEVER even heard of, called The Hush Sound. I loved it so much I went and downloaded as many of their songs as I could! They are awesome!! There is just something about their voices that hooked me as soon as I heard the first lines of this one song by them. GIVE it a listen!!

There was a song or two I knew, like the Cobra Starship song, Good Girls go Bad and this old one I can't even remember who sings it. And Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA, which I do love! And a Meg & Dia song I have already but love. My last favorite song on this mix cd is a remake of Three Little Birds by I THINK a member of Panic At the Disco!:

This is why I LOVE mix cd's, you can experience music you have never gotten to hear before and find new music to LOVE! So, anyone wanna send me a mix cd?! LOL. If you seriously do, email me and I will emailo you my address! I had so much fun with the one Hannah gave me! Thank you Hannah!!

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Toriz said...

Glad you enjoyed the CD. My S-i-l likes some of those bands. I'm not keen on them personally. But, hey, to each their own. And there are definately worse things out there. These ones just fall under the "they're OK, I guess," catagory. I have five catagories: "I love it!" "That's pretty good," "That's OK, I guess," "that music sucks," and "OMG! I'm not listening to that S***! Turn it off!" OK, not necessarily those exact words, but those words cover the gist of my opinions at each level. ;)

Lee said...

I'm so glad you mentioned The Hush Sound.
Wine Red and We Intertwined are my two favorite songs from them.
I've been listening to them for a few years now.

Panic! is great. I like both of their CDs. Their second CD was a lot more mellow.

Anonymous said...

Oh I should send you some of my mixed CD's I burn! Just let me know your address!

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