Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Shoosh

Seeing as it is Sunday night, and not as many people read blogs on the weekends, I am going to save my post about meeting Zoey and spending the day with Sister H and her son's family, for a weekday. It just feels like a waste to do a really good post during the weekend these days. People don't read them or don't bother to respond. I have no idea why, I was posting normal posts every day, and I still do most of the time, even on weekends. But even people who were regular posters like I am, are just making a passing wave on weekends. Maybe it is the Winter, I don't know. I hope things pick up soon, but until they do, I am saving my thoughts on a good post for this WEEK.

I did go see Legion tonight. I know, it's Sunday, but I needed to get OUT. Out of the house and just not up the wall. No one wanted to go with me, so I went by myself. The last time I went to a movie all alone was years ago. It was kinda lonely, and a wee bit spooky. It was one of the largest theaters and like a total of 10 people, and they all sat towards the front, so it was just me higher, and I would rather there had been some couples or gaggles of girls around me, I guess it is comforting knowing there are people "around". I kept hearing noises behind me, it was freaking me out. Didn't love going alone.

I really liked the movie though. Paul Bettany was great, and I KNEW I knew the guy playing Jeep was familiar!! I was like...wait, that MAN looks like the kid who used to be on American Gothic, like an eon ago. And I was right! As soon as the end credits started and I saw Lucas Black's name, I was like, boo-yah, I was RIGHT!! Sorry, I like when I am right about an obscure person I haven't seen in like, forever! Anyway, I really liked Legion. I found the battles cool and the one between Michael (Bettany) and Gabriel was FIERCE. This movie I so get. I watch supernatural tv shows and movies, so this is not the first time I have heard stories of angels hating humans. Being jealous of God's love for us over them. So if God turned his back on us and was like go ahead exterminate them, in these stories, angels would be jumping with glee, and killing us all. People who watch Supernatural, you get me. LOL. It is kind of like that. But Michael goes against God. He does what he thinks got NEEDS, over Gabriel who is doing what God WANTS. Yeah, I think we are all on Michael's side. Angel Michael thinks we are still worthy of God's love and his love. So he fights for us. And the baby who can save us all. Who happens to still be in the tummy of his momma who plans on giving her baby up. OY! But things do NOT go according to plan. And that is what makes such a great movie! I really liked it. I could see a sequel happening too. But that could just be me wanting one. This could be it, but it is still cool.

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RayeLee said...

You are braver than I am. I can't even take my kids to lunch by myself. LOL! I took them to McD's one time after a dr. appointment and felt very strange. :)

Glad you liked the movie, though.

Toriz said...

I don't know why it is, but I've noticed the lack of bloggers on the weekend too. I'm as guilty as the next person though. I used to be on every day - often several times a day - now? Not so much. I often go a couple of days not going near blogs - especially if I already scheduled posts on my own blog.

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