Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Stuff

I am still promoting my last post on my current fave songs, so click HERE to go and enjoy some music videos!!

Anyway, I was feeling housebound this week so I went out this weekend to GET OUT and keep busy. Sandy went with me. I was all for retail therapy, but only came home with one thing! Boo! We went to Target first, that was for my parents though. We got a new Washer, and it requires HE clothes detergent, so we bought 3 bottles even though they weren't on sale. Yuck, I hate doing that, it was like $45! It isn't my money but I don't care, it is best when it is on sale for $10 or is never less, lol.

Then we went to Fashion Bug. Man, I used to find SO much there, it was full of cute tops for women with real CHESTS, but now it is like a hunt to FIND something cute. Otherwise it is all YAWN, boring! I found this though, but I think it looks way better on me! LOL!

Then we went to Payless Shoes. There was actually a cute pair of wedges I really liked, but only in a size 10, but while that is my size for sneakers usually, it isn't for other shoes, necessarily! And we couldn't find it in 91/2 or 9, my pretty shoe sizes! Grr! And the one other pair, kinda graphic-y were only in 9 and hit my big toe meanly, and they were so cute! Actually Sandy looked in her sizes too and couldn't find my wedges anywhere. Weird. Then we stopped in Bed, Bath and Beyond, but there wasn't anything Valentine's Day-ish, so we went over to TJ Maxx. This is all in one square.

We found Katie a present as a "good luck on your last semester for Occupational Therapy Assistant". This is the HARD semester, the externship. Katie has felt for the last 2 years that her teachers are out to get her. They have had sessions and she has made her feelings about them and their teaching CLEAR, even in front of the Dean, so she feels they have been harder on her. And that they are using the externships to get her to quit. You have 2 externships, one for 8 weeks, then the other. Katie was given the 2 most dreaded ones. So now I am thinking, she may be right, these teachers may be out to get her. No one wants either of these, and she got BOTH. People who requested one of these, did not get them, so that sounds suspicious, don't you think? Katie had Traumatic Brain Injury for the first 8 weeks, then works for 8 weeks in a maximum security psychiatric facility. Poor Kat. But we found her this gorgeous tile inlay table, small thing, but so pretty! And so fits in with her bellydancer stuff. We also found a KitchenAid cake pan for 8 bucks, boo-yah! We went home with Taco Bell and watched The Mentalist with my Mom. Sandy and my Mom are NOW huge fans, ever since I made them try the first season on DVD. So yeah, I am the REAL fan though.

Then on a different day I decided I needed to get out so I went to a 10:20pm showing of The Lovely Bones. It was so good. Sad yes. But really good and this in-between world Susie is in is amazing! I am glad, personally, they glossed over exactly what happened to her. Anyone who has read about the book OR movie knows what happens to Susie, so I appreciate the fact that Peter Jackson didn't want the movie to be all about THAT. He didn't want it to be like that Dakota Fanning movie, which everyone refers to as the movie where Dakota was...that. Ugh. So I think he leaves you knowing what happened, exactly even, he just doesn't force it on you, like WATCH this horribleness! I like that he wanted to concentrate on the bond between Susie and her father. If anyone has read the book though, I am so curious as to what happens with Mr. Harvey in the book. And what the differences are? I was also wondering if they really never found the safe?

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Toriz said...

Glad you were able to get outt.

Yeah, it does sound like Katie's teachers are out to get her. Tell her to hang in there... It's almost over!

ramsam said...

I liked Lovely Bones when I read it, but I am timid for the movie, I heard it wasn't great.... I like your review- it sounds better than what I have heard. I think it must be hard to take a book that readers are so passionate about and make it come to life.

Lee said...

I'm sorry for Katie.
That's really mean of them, to give her the worst externships.
Working in a mental ward? That's just not right. I can't understand if she had asked for it, but if someone else did, it's wrong to give it to her just to punish her.

I loved The Lovely Bones when I read it. I'm not eager to see the movie. I figure it's just going to disappoint me.

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