Friday, June 19, 2009

SLR Help!!

Well I am all ticked off. I thought there was an amazing sale on a SLR camera at Target but it turns out it may look like an SLR, but it is just a digital camera. And so I went hunting online for some amazing SLR deal and I will click on a site that claims it is an SLR but then it turns out they claim "to be as good as an SLR but without having to change lenses". Now that I like because I didn't know I'd have to buy all sorts of lenses. I am poor people! This Nikon P80 says it has 10.1megapixels, 18x optical wide-angle Zoom-Nikkor glass lens, image stabilization, etc. But I don't even get that crap and I took a photography class. I want to be able to take pictures of raindrops on a flower, and it be clear. I want to take photos of people that are crystal clear, photos where what I want to focus on is sharp, but the background is out of focus, pics at night that turn out right! But I don't have 500 to 2500 dollars for an SLR. When all of you in bloggy land said you got them, I had no idea that they cost that much. I have no idea if I should wait for "someday" or if this refurbished Nikon would be just as good. Help you SLR owners. I can't go much over 250 so an SLR doesn't seem to be an option and I need help deciding if I should just wait (years) or if any of you know a cheap but good SLR, or a camera in that price range that IS as good as an SLR. I am bummed. Here a a few photos off of Amazon of photos people took with this "almost" SLR:

Anyways...I watched the remake of Friday the 13th. Way too many naked scenes, I knew there would be, they are in the originals too, but man! It was ehhhh, okay-ish. The lighting is really low so you can't see too much of the gorey parts, which was fine with me. Basically it was Jason just updated I suppose. I didn't love it, probably don't need to see it again. And its ending was frustrating...was that real? Are the survivor(s) alive or not? Don't know.

So help people!! I need help!!

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Sarah said...

My BF has a Cannon something or other (cost around $1200) and wants to Craiglist it so he can upgrade...probably more than 250 though. I feel your pain, I wouls LOVE a nice nice camera but honestly, I wouldn't have a clue how to work it. Good luck in your search.

Tori_z said...

In my experience you don't have to pay through your nose to get a decent camera. My current camera cost me the equivellent of $300, and is just as good as the one my Dad brought himself around the same time that cost the equivellent of $600. For what you want you probably do need to look for something that's the higher end of your budget, but I would personally say that the "just as good as" camera will be fine, and you don't need to wait for the money to get the top of the range camera. You have examples of the shots taken with it. Take a good look at them, decide whether you would be happy taking shots like that, and if you're happy then buy the one you've found that's within your budget.

That's my advice anyway.

Sheri said...

GL on the search for the camera. I just have a digital camera, which is cool with me. I photoshop it to make the pics look better. :)

rychelle said...

i would love to take some photography classes. i think i might start one in the fall.

(but, as of right now, i know nothing about cameras)

Amander said...

I know nothing about photography or cameras. I do like pretty pictures though.

Jessica♥ said...

what exactly is an SLR? & i took photography club this year. it focused more on the developing and a little less on the actual picture taking. but i do have a film camera. It's a cannon and it's wicked old. from like the 80's. it was my moms when she was younger. It works just fine and i can get toally cristal clear images on it too. you know how to work the focus and stuff to make the back ground and foreground blurry and stuff like that right?

Marie said...

OK, I have a CANON 50D,but I didn't get it until I took a photoclass. SLR's are hard to use..I still need TONS more classes to even use mine properly..and let's not get started about how spendy good lenses are,you know the ones to take a pic of a raindrop..they are like $1000.. just for the lens.
BUT, I LOVE my Canon ELPH, it's the digital canon...I take it with me everywhere.It's easy to use..and the picture are awesome..Look into an ELPH!!

Lee said...

That camera actually sounds pretty good.
But I got a 100 dollar HP camera from Best Buy, so I'm not the best person to ask!

LadyStyx said...

I've got a Canon PowerShot A590IS that works beautifully. I don't believe I paid more than $125 for it. You've seen some of the pix on my page that I've taken with it.

Whitney R said...

I saved and saved for mine. Christmas money, Graduation, "allowance". Jaren didn't get me anything for Christmas because I wanted to use the money for a nicer camera and I had been looking and wanting one for over a year. But those pictures look great! And if you learn how to edit (which I am trying to do) you can make an ordinary picture look like those. I'd say to get the refurbished 250 dollar one, refurbished is good as new and then if you want a nicer one someday, than I'd start putting money away in an envelope. That's what I did :)

And I just have the lens my camera came with. There are others I want, but those run anywhere from 200-1,000's of dollars and I can't do that. Especially with this girl coming. And I want a sewing machine :) Which I'm going to try to get for my birthday next month.

Let us know what you decide. I love love LOVE my camera. I researched them and this one is the first DSLR with video. I'm jealous you've taken a photography class - I wish I could and someone could show me how to use all the different settings. Right now I feel like I paid a lot of money and I'm only using a few hundred dollars worth since I don't know how to do the other stuff.

Ok - this is long! Good luck!

SO said...

You asked on my Photog Blog what camera I have and it's a Nikon coolpix L100. It is not an SLR. I wanted an SLR but didn't get one. This is a top of the line point and shoot. It takes amazing photos. The closeups that I get are with the macro button. It does take pretty clear pictures and it's a 10 mega pixel. I think it was around $300. Good luck finding one you like!

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