Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Boring

Dear OCD,

You are really pissing me off lately. It seems like there is always SOMETHING you are getting stuck in my mind. And because of you, until it is finished or completed, I cannot rest. Like last night, all I wanted was to relax and watch SYTYCD and I'm A Celebrity...and did I get to? Nooooo. Because you had other plans, you wanted me to not be able to rest until I had appeased you, so I was up past 9 in the morning obsessed with finishing something. It could have waited until tonight couldn't it? But no, it was so STUCK in my noggin' that I couldn't stop until it was all finished and done with.

I can only hope since I fell sucker to your will, that you will now be satisfied and let it leave my brain for good. You've already got a good hold of me, hating germs and odd numbers and all, so can you give the one thing STUCK in my head and driving me batty, a break for awhile? That is three times THIS week I felt like I had no control over what I was doing so please, take a vacation, would you please?

Sincerely, pissed Wendy

P.S. I DO appreciate you not making me into the below video though. PLEASE keep us that way!

Okay now that this is taken care of, I am boring again. I did nothing exciting today. I went back to the Polish ladies and had Pierogies and they were delicious! Even the salad's thousand island dressing was homemeade and amazing! These ladies are so adorable!! I excercised with Sam, talked to Kat about her date. They laughed over how everything they ate at this place was terrible. She is giving him another chance but if no chemistry on date two, she is cutting her losses, to look for her Mr. Right. He sounds sweet though, he thought everything about her was adorable and paid for dinner, so he sounds like a gentleman. But you have to have that spark and if she doesn't feel it, buh-bye dude.

I do have plenty of TV to watch, 2 nights of SYTYCD and I'm A I know, I am crazy exciting today!! What do you guys write about when you have done absolutely nothing exciting? Seriosuly help for the future would be MUCH appreciated!!

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Sarah said...

I love love love that movie! Yeah...move on OCD! Go away! I hope youre feeling better soon!

Fiauna said...

I missed I'm a Celebrity again. Shoot. I guess I'll have to check it out online.

Sheri said...

SYTYCD is pretty good this year, the 2 that leave were the worst of the night (I won't say who) :P

I love I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! LOL It is so funny.

Whitney R said...

I'm sorry you were up all night! Reading this.. I think I have a bit of OCD! I lay awake not able to fall asleep for anywhere from 20minutes to an hour when my mind is turning about things I need to do. Or plans. It's so annoying - I just want to sleep!! I hope you got all your stuff you wanted to do done last night including your shows and some sleep :)

Lee said...

I have OCD, I've finally determined.
But mine focuses aruond my weight.
I weigh myself over and over and over and over again.
It's getting really tiring.

Jessica♥ said...

when I have nothing exciting. I fix my blog and think of anything to write about like a movie or someone that made me mad. and then you have a blog ta da!
the only ocd i have is when it turns 9:11 I have to kiss three times and look away until it isn't 9:11 anymore. If i catch the clock at 9:10 I look away for a long time so i don't have to see it.
SYTYCD was AWESOME! the best dance of the night was the bollywood one. I was sad that one of my favorites got voted off but they weren't that good.

Shauna said...

I totally relate to this post. Hope you have a super weekend! ♥ Hugs!

LadyStyx said...

Writer's block? Nothing much happenin? Dig into your pix, find one you haven't posted yet and tell a story or memory about when it was clicked. Or dig into past entries, find one that ties in with what's been going on and repost it for the newer readers. How about a Flashback Friday? Or Memories Mondays?

Tori_z said...

No, you're not boring.

Love the letter by the way.

As for what I write about when I have nothing to say... Whatever pops in to my head, no matter how random it is. I once did a whole blog post about tripping over a pair of shoes. OK, so I claimed they attacked me, but it was basically about tripping over the shoes. I just sort of turned it in to a story instead of just saying "I tripped over some shoes today." It's a good way to make rubbish boring. ;)

Tori_z said...

OK, scratch that last sentence... I meant to say it's a good way to make rubbish interesting instead of it being boring. Oops. LOL!

ramsam said...

SYTYCD is soooo good this year! I wanted to help the couples I liked...and ended up voting for 6 of them.
Is that a good strategy?

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