Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Buttons and VLOG Part Dog

I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button finally and it was a stunning film. First, does anyone know if they won awards for make-up or CG, whatever they used to age Brad Pitt? Because it was phenomenal! And I have seen great make-up and great CD effects, but when Benjamin is 6 but looks 90, and is all of maybe 4 feet tall, it looks like BRAD. Amazing, simply Amazing. I was just stunned with the way they made this aging backwards so believable.

Now don't get me wrong. Was it a little weepy, sad even? Yeah, but it was such an extraordinary story, an extraordinary life he lived, that you can't be upset that you sat there for 3 hours.

Now this story IS about Benjamin, but it is told from a diary that Julia Ormond is asked to read by her dying mother Daisy (Cate Blanchett). As she reads it always turns back into Benjamin's narration, as it is his life these pages contain. His birth mother died during labor, and though his father promised he would keep their son safe, once he saw his wrinkled old man face and body, he tore the baby from it's crib and ran off. He was close to throwing Benjamin in the river, but was chased off by police, so he left Benjamin on the steps of a retirement home with 17 dollars, where Queenie, who can't have children works, and she takes Benjamin as her own, even knowing the doctor says he hasn't long tolive. But he does keep living and getting bigger. Stronger. He meets Daisy and they have a connection even then. He tells her he is different but she doesn't know for years what that really meant. Over the course of the story, Benjamin begins to biologically grow younger. He has adventures he never thought were possible for himself. He works at sea, he serves in the war, he alls in love and has his heart broken. Meanwhile Daisy grows up and goes to ballet school. Once the war is over he returns and falls for Daisy, but even when she offers her maybe 18 year old self to him, he can't because he feels too old. And when she is 26 and he goes to NY to woo him, she isn't interested. She is a cruel witch in my eyes. And when she is in an accident years later, Benjamin flies to Paris to be there for her but she spurns him, and is really upset that he looks SO good and she is a broken shadow of herself. Of course, so they meet somewhere in the middle? You know this from the commercials.

But what happens with them once they come together, and what happens to Benjamin as he continues to grow older inside, but younger outside? How far will this reverse aging go? And will Daisy be there for him? Did Benjamin get to live the life he truly wanted and deserved? And why are we reading his story through his diary while Daisy lies there, so old, and dying? That is why you must get this dvd and watch it, to learn what Benjamin goes through, to see what kind of man he became, to see how his story ended. What happens to him? How does his life end up? How did HE end up? And was he alone, like he was much of his life, the only one of his kind? Or did he have someone the way Daisy did? GO AND SEE!!

And this week's Vlog Emotions has a theme...which is kids, which I don't have so I put Maxie on it!

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Kristina P. said...

I really, really enjoyed Benjamin Button, and I really have little tolerance for long movies.

Drew said...

I haven't really seen Benjamin button, only some small parts. I might want to see it now though, it seems really interesting.

Tim said...

Great post on Benjamin Button. I need to see that.

Seems like Maxie's emotion was exhausted. LOL

Another great vlog post from you!

Love and Prayers,


Beth in NC said...

Awwww, your pup is soooo cute. Very sweet indeed.

April said...

I have yet to see "Benjamin Button", but it sounds really good! Poor Maxi...he seems worn completely out! With it being midnight, I can understand why! Great job!

Jill said...

Wendy loved the video of Max!

I have not seen the movie either!


Jessica♥ said...

That's an extremely wierd movie. I haven't seen it but it looks like it is.

Fiauna said...

My husband and I watched most of that movie. I'll agree that the CGI was amazing. Kate Blanchet was stunning. But, really, I thought they added way too much to them movie and just watered down the impact too much.

Sheri said...

I haven't seen this yet, waiting for it to be on HBO or Starz or something.

Lee said...

I always got really sad when Benjamin died as a baby.
It was a good movie, but that part just bummed me the frick out.

Pam said...

love seeing your maxie!! :)

LadyStyx said...

Looks like another movie to put on the "must rent" list.

Beth E. said...

I haven't seen the movie yet. We stay broke, trying to keep two almost-grown boys clothed, fed, and educated...BOTH will be in college this fall!

Maxie is adorable. :-)

-stephanie- said...

What a sweet pup. I would put him on the "he's my child" list.

Tori_z said...

Sounds like a pretty good movie.

The only kid I have has fur too. I'm sure you've seen plenty of photos of him on my blog. ;)

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