Sunday, June 14, 2009

Floor Plans 2..errrrgh

Things did not go quite according to plans for the floor. First of all, as I slept I kept hearing loud pounding that woke me up, I had no idea what was going on, as this stuff will be HARD to cut to fit, but is supposed to click together and be easy to install otherwise. But I was able to fall back asleep, until the next time pounding started. I am not sure I remember what I thought might be going on, but I figured, Hey if they want to let me sleep and I am SO tired, I will try to get more sleep. When they want me they can wake me up. So I slept like most of the day. Later than even usual. And was woken up too, I was still tired.

And then Mom and Sandy told me the tale of the floor. You know how I said that 1/3 of the kitchen would be done by the end of today? Yeah nuh-uh. Maybe 1/5 or 1/6 is all that is done. And they, Dad, Mom and Sam (they let Kate sleep too) worked on it for 6 hours! Apparently it does NOT just click into place like they claim. Each piece had to be hammered (thus the pounding) so that there was no spaces between boards. And there were...anger issues, while trying to cut the boards to fit around heating vent tubes and such. Hearing this story made me feel so guilty but my Mom said another person in there would NOT have been good. In fact since so little was accomplished, work is being done tommorrow, yes I know it is Sunday, but we don't have very many days when everyone is around, only weekends. So to help out tonight I was the gopher. I ran around town and got pizzas and doughnuts and stuff like that. I told my Mom to wake me up tommorrow when she gets up from her nap and the floorwork is being started again, around 4 pm. But she said no! LOL. She said the three of them are all that should be in the kitchen and she has elected me to gopher around for them and maybe cook dinner. I was a little affronted, but they got a groove going and know what they are doing so I will gopher. I need out of the house anyway, I feel so antsy, and have such cabin-fever! I hate that feeling, it makes it hard to breathe! I can only hope Iam sent out to many places so that the feeling can go away! I really DO need a GPS so I can go to places around the state I want to and not get lost. No, living here my whole life has NOT given me a sense of direction. Sad really.

I watched Must Love Dogs tonight for the first time. It was cute I guess, but there wasn't THAT much interaction scenes between Diane Lane and John Cusack so I found it hard to believe they fell that hard for eachother when they were in more of the movie with other people. So it was fine but I don't ever need to own it. Sandy and Mom loved it, but they love You've Got Mail too, and for some reason that movie gets on my last nerve!!

A song by Ephemera, I love this group from Sweden:

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Sarah said...

Check out Tegan and Sara, you may like them too :)

Tori_z said...

Hope they get the floor sorted soon.

Sheri said...

Yeah those floor things sound easy but usually never are. Getting out of the house to be the gopher sounds like more fun than being in the kitchen hammering anyways :)

Kristina P. said...

How frustrating! Hope the floor gets done soon!

Robyn said...

Hi i am the friend moving to alabama and joining ghost hunters....hope you have a good weekend.

TeeTee said...

I love your banner!

Rowboat said...

pretty song!
i like it. nice choice.

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