Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pampered Chefs or Not?

Saints Preserved!! Sorry, I love that phrase, reminds me of old Hollywood movies, LOL! I have my excercise buddy BACK!! She and my Mom talked while I was still asleep, and they had agreed that Sandy would excercise with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays and my Mom would try to the other three days. While this was better than nothing and my Mom is always welcome in whatever I do, it just still didn't feel right. So I wrote my sister a letter asking her for three days, though by the end I was telling her I much preferred all 5 days a week and told her how she made me able to do it, how much her iron will spurred me on. She didn't end up reading it before we had to leave for Weezie's Pampered Chef Party.

I was really excited to see Weezie, as I haven't talked to her in person since finding out she is 2 months pregnant. And Weezie is not only one of my BFF's, she is like a sister to me, so she told me I am an Auntie to her little tadpole. Her husband Zak has described it as a peanut with t-rex arms, so I have heard it referred to as Rexxy too, LOL. It is so Weezie and Zak! We had to take 2 seperate cars because Katie was supposed to (yeah she didn't) leave from Weezie's and go straight to a gig. So we have never been to Weezie and Zak's new apartment. It is about 25 minutes away supposedly, but we wouldn't know, we got lost. Yahoo directions SUCK! Luckily Katie has really gotten to know the streets of CT as she travels so much for gigs, so she eventually got us to the complex. Now on the invite all it said was #186 so we saw a building that said it and parked our cars, I was so stressed by this point, being the one trying to tail Katie through town was NOT cool, it wasn't even funny. We ran into a friend Michelle and we all began walking looking and looking, trying to figure out...ummm where do we go? All it said was 186 and all of us, Michelle included are clueless, so we begin trekking, get to a pool, get to building 6 and finally I am like, we have a prego here no I am calling Zak. Yeah building 18!!! No where did it say that and I felt so bad for Michelle, walking all the way back to our cars and following us, again. We made it though and it was so crowded. Apparently the woman told her invite 40 people, but only 10 will come. Yeah, not true, at least 20 of us were in that little apartment I really never got to see because it was filled to the brim. Many women sat on the ground. The lady presenting was cramped and we were closest to her and couldn't hear her talking she was that soft-spoken. Weezie had bruschetta there and it was SO good! I have only ever liked it once before, when her mom Judy made it. I need that recipe Weeze!! Anyway we wanted to support Weezie getting as much as she could from hosting this so we bought $50 worth of stuff. Which was 4 things, a resizable measuring spoon, a cupcake decorating kit, a big glass bowl with lid and this thing that kinda makes Uncrustables sandwiches. It cuts off the crust and seals the sandwich innards in...what my Mom got it because I wanted it okay? I love Uncrustables...and now I can make them as fluffer-nutters or whatever I want! :) I really tried to keep us there as long as possible, hoping the other women would start to leave and we could chat with Weezie and Judy and her future SIL Ashley, but the women were not leaving!! What the hay?! Sad;y my Mom's back started to hurt so we said our byes and left. Weezie I so want to get together! I miss you and Judy like crazy, TOV spoiled me for life!

We went home and I kept waiting for Sandy to go to her room, so she would find the note and maybe change her mind. I kept on going...I thought you wanted to change, go on, etc. But nothing! As I sat there it became clearer in my mind that I also wanted her there excercising beside me everyday, because it was time I spent with HER. So I excused myself and went up and added to the note. And continued to make veiled suggestions until I was doing a tell-tale (they say this, not me) sign I was distressed, which is I wring my fingers. Sandy said at one point if I didn't stop I was going to pull away a finger. So clued behind my back that there was a not upstairs she went and changed. And when she got back, she told me that we would continue as we had been until September, when we would evaluate how things were going then. And I promptly burst into tears, and she hugged me and let me cry on her because I couldn't stop. Silly maybe, but I was so happy and relieved I couldn't control myself!

To distract me, my Mom suggested Sam and I go down to Target while she soaked her back, and buy some things for a care package. So Sam and I went and had a good time picking stuff out and when we got back we cooked perogies and the three of us watched Sneakers, one of my Mom's personal faves, and it is SO good so I love watching it too. It is an excellent movie! Then, this is where you go Poor Wendy, since I had not excercised Friday as I was too upset, I HAD to tonight. I ended up doing a dvd with the stability ball and now I hurt. I overdid one of the stretches because my upper thigh is killing me when I walk. Oy, not good. So I finally got OUT of the shower at 2 am and just started Defiance, with Daniel Craig, but it has been on pause for the last hour as I chatted with Kate when she got home from her gig and am typing this and I felt like I am going to like this movie so I don't want to miss anything.

So while Friday may have made me feel like I was out of control and had no stability, Saturday ended with me feeling very grateful for having the family I do, and made me know this was the family I was always meant to have. Have a good Sunday everyone! (HUGS)

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4 meaningful meanderings:

Sarah said...

The family I used to nanny for has a sandwich cutter like you will not be dissapointed! Super cool thing to have! Glad everything worked out with exercise! It's like my Mom always says: "there's always a tomorrow!"

Anonymous said...

Oooh I totally need one of those crust cutters!

Mary said...

I heart Pampered Chef!!! I wish I had the money to make over my kitchen with it!
I guess I'm weird b/c I love crusts...but to each his own. I want the crinkle cutter :o)

Tori_z said...

I'm not a big crust fan either. I'll eat the crusts if they're on the sandwich, but sandwiches taste better without crusts.

Glad you got things sorted out about the exercising... At least for now.

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