Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh It's a Good Day....

Well I did it, I got through church and even decided even though it made me a nervous wreck, I want to go at least once a month. That way if I get used to that, then it can turn into every other week, and so on. It could take awhile, I am not quick at changing things, but I feel it is right for me. My Dad's talk was really good, it is funny though, he used our Florida experience (click here) as his basis for his talk on revelation/inspiration, but he sure does remember things differently. When he mentioned Wendy would stay if we chose to and be okay...I was like yeah I would have stayed, but I told them I would not finish school and I'd be an ex-Mormon. Church felt so wrong there, so not what it has always felt like, even when I stayed over a friend and had to go to their ward, church still felt like church. Not in Florida though. Something about it. So I got to see Naomi again and I hugged her as she leaves at 6am Monday and went home. I'd been home 5 minutes when I got a text from her, saying I didn'y say goodbye and I had to go over and see her tonight. I was like, Uhmm nooo tonight is your family BBQ, silly girl. And she said Mom said to remind you that you guys are family. So I was like, is your mom sure? I don't want to show up and it be weird. She texted back Mom says you are family and are always invited. Awwww. It was at 3 though and Mom wasn't sure because she wanted a nap, and I laid down after I said I would be there, and slept til 3:30, I couldn't believe it! I wanted more sleep, but I was going. Mom decided she'd go for awhile and since she said yes, Dad said he'd go for awhile...Sam said she oesn't go out in the daylight, LOL.

So we went and Mom was in German potato salad heaven. And Dad loves brotwurst and sauerkraut...I am such a BAD German, I don't like any of that and the steak was so bloody that basically I ate a LOAD of potato chips. After awhile Naomi and I went off alone and really talked. I mean really, really talked. She is going through some huge things back home, things she is not looking forward to confronting, and we talked about it. She was so truthful, she was just the old Naomi I have known all my life. There were no walls up or anything, she just spilled her guts and I listened and gave my opinion. She did create the situation she is in, she admits it, but she is one of my BFF's, and I will always have her back. And she is in pain, and I don't want her being jerked around and being hurt continuously. I think she should leave Idaho and move back home. She has no support system out there. Her only friend is moving to Boise. She has no family she can turn to there, and church out there has made her so uncomfortable, she is doubting her faith, and she has always had such strong faith, she served a mission in Brazil, etc. And she went to church today and she said it was fine. It felt like church, which I think says a lot. I think here, where she has her parents, her baby sister, her big bro in New Hampshire and tons of friends and church where she feels right, is where she needs to be right now. And she said it felt so good to be here this last week. Selfishly, I want her home because I miss my friend, but what is going on out there, sounds unhealthy for her.

Anyway, my parents left and I said I would be home real soon too. I wasn't sure I should leave Nao just yet, if we were done or if she needed me still. Plus I love the whole family, so I was having a good time, laughing at stories ans stuff. Aunt Debbie and Uncle Dave left and then Weezie, Zak and his brother. So it was Judy, George, Naomi, Matt and his wife and three kids, plus the sister missionaries. And there was going to be a fire and S'mores...I haven't had a s'more in more than 3 years, and I haven't had a REAL one, with marshmallows over a fire in like 12 years!! So I ended up taking a bunch of pictures. It was so fun. Judy bought these ginourmous marshmallows that the kids toasted and it took 2 entire graham crackers and almost a whole bar of chocolate to make a s'more with them! Then naturally it being Matt, he started throwing firework in the fire and George set up a whole bunch to go off at the bird birds inside thank goodness!! I ate three s'mores...oh my gosh I was SO bad!! I am a Diabetic and the surgery makes it hard to handle sugar, but they were amazing...well the first was ehhh. I had forgotten HOW to roast a marshmallow, how SAD is that. It was like black so I figured it was all cooked and gooey. WRONG. The other two were sheer bliss. And I felt fine...until I said goodbyes and was driving home at 8:30pm. Then I felt icky but I was okay. I have decided, 3 years for 3 s'mores....yup I am justifying it like that I am, I am!LOL! It was a good day! I haven't had many lately so I am UPBEAT right now! I did get a little depressed tonight, my Mom said it is to be expected when you talk at great length about a bad/sad situation, but it was basically a great day and I am so happy I got to spend more time with my friends, the whole family (well sure Seth lives with his wife in Cambodia, Alex is in North Dakota and Milla is in Utah, but half the H clan was there!), I love them so much!

Check out this marshmallow Matt has, and it isn't even half cooked so it gets bigger!!

This is what the GIANT S'more looks like, No is going to be in sugar high land all night!!

Abs also made one with a giant PINK marshmallow...yeah she is crazy!!LOL!

And Luce was not to be outdone, she also made a huge one, but she shared...with Gamma and her clothes!! Isn't she adorable?!!!

This is the fireworks lucky it didn't catch on fire!!

And this is Naomi with her niece, she loves this pic, I have to send it to her!!

Night all!! I am tired!Oh wait here is a pic of the floor. I know how exciting!!post signature

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Sarah said...

The floor looks GREAT and the fire and treats look amazing too! I went to a grad party last night and had, for the first time, a rice krispie treat dipped in the chocolate fountain! YUMMY!

SO said...

I'm glad you had a good day. You deserve it. I hope that Naomi and get things worked out for her. Yum on the smores!

Jillene said...

I am glad that you made it through Church--here's to hoping the once a month works and then every other week and then every week!!

I LOVE S'Mores. MMMMMMMMMMM!! I am glad that you had such a great time!!

Kristina P. said...

Mmmmmm, Smores! I love to BBQ my marshmallow and make it all black and charred.

Tori_z said...

Sounds like a really good day. Glad to hear you had so much fun. :)

rychelle said...

campfires are the best!

CaJoh said...

Cooking Smores reminds me of our make-shift camping weekend last weekend. Since we didn't go camping, we took our grandson to places that he would have done if we went camping. We grilled for dinner and after dinner roasted marshmallows and made smores… yum.

Amander said...

Good for you on going back to church.

And those s'mores look AWESOME.

Lee said...

Looks like a lot of fun!
I've never been a big smores girl, but those look oddly yummy to me right now.
And the floors look great!
(I got pics of Izzy. I'll post them soon)

Brigitte said...

Yea for going to church!! And that's so sweet that Naomi is such a good friend to you. I miss having friends that consider me family.

And smores!! I had one recently at girls camp and it was my first one in YEARS!! Sadly - I decided I prefer plain old roasted marshmallows. Smores are overrated I say.

Rowboat said...

mmmm your pictures of smores made me really really happy! can't wait to have some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! summer is the best time ever.

Fiauna said...

Way to go, Wendy! Can I be your church-going cheerleader? I'm glad you had such a good day. That makes me smile.

LadyStyx said...

The floor looks GREAT!

Mmmm s'mores!

DiabetesPlanner said...

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