Saturday, June 13, 2009

Floor Plans

It was all about the kitchen floor today... as it will be tommorrow, when 1/3 is put down. My Dad woke me up with the hammering he was doing in the kitchen. I wanted to kill him! I have not gotten enough sleep the last few days and I thought Friday, YEAH Friday I will get some good sleep. Agghh. It tok me like 20 minutes to get out of bed even after I knew I wasn't going to sleep through the noise. It was like my eyelids were glued together, it was so hard to open them and keep them that way. They were all puffy too when I went to the bathroom. Yuck. And yes I know, I am an insomniac night owl so it wasn'y like it was early when he did this, but dang, he is supposed to warn us the day before when he has noisy projects! Sam was happy because she wanted us to excercise as soon as I got up, so we did but it was so hard at first, until I was more awake. Mom joined us since it was a Walk Away the Pounds Power Mile today. She didn't for kick-boxing mile or when we did the dance one again, I don't blame her. She hated the dance one and I am still dying during the kick-boxing mile and I have been excercising for over a month now.

I made Poor Man's Lasagna for dinner tonight, with Garlic Bread and Cucumbers in ranch dressing. Even though it was small ziti, it gave me that hard feeling, so it was like DANG!! I made the meal and can't really eat it!! But they all liked it, heck there is only a small portion left, so I am vey happy they liked it! My Mom, Sam and I watched the second Anacondas movie: Hunt for the Blood Orchid. Now the original is so lame and horrible. and you rarely have a sequel that is better than an originial but THIS is the exception!! Seriously it is so good and fun!! And it has Johnny Messner it it!! Google him if you have no clue who he is, he is HOT! And other people from TV shows I watch and Morgan Chestnut, etc. Fantastic movie!! I also finished Season 1 of NCIS with my Mom tonight. She has seen sporadic episodes but not most so she is watching them with me. We saw the first finale tonight. Stupid Ari!!

In the last few days, since it will be covered, we have started using a Sharpie on the first area and have been drawing and writing. It is FUN! I took some pictures!!

I even ended up writing a poem on the spur of the moment so excuse it if you find it crappy.


Sorrow fills my mind

And Pulls me in all directions

Breaks me from the very inside

Tears through me with vengeance

Fighting it takes over my life

Making me weep in desperation

If only things could be different

And Joy could be let back inside.

Tommorrow is the first third going down, so all this will be covered, but it is kind of cool knowing that if someone replaces the floor some time in the future, they can discover these words and drawings made by my family! Katie got back from a different date and she said he was really funny, but apparently he was really grilling her on being Mormon and asking all these questions about sex and stuff, so I found that kind of creepy. And unlike the other guy who said he'd call, this guy said nothing. Katie says if he doesn't at least text Saturday, she is telling him which of the 3 Non-Mormon Guys categories he belongs in, which she told him about. So if he doesn't call or text he is Category 1, which is Guys who run for their lives. Category 2 is guys who don't care either way, and Category 3 is guys who consider it a "challenge". Yuck. Men can be such PIGS! MY sister deserves a hottie in all ways. Not just good looking to HER at least, but hot because of how he acts and thinks, etc. She deserves a winner!!

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The Boob Nazi said...

What's poor man's lasagna?

Sheri said...

The dinner sounds yummy. I love ziti and lasagna so it sounds really great to me! :)

Ugh I hate waking up to hammering or machinery of any type like that. It starts the day off awful (for me anyways).

Cool drawings and stuff on the floor - good idea to do that before the new stuff goes down hehe

kel said...

I love poor man's lasagna!!!

P.s switched up the name of my blog...

Lee said...

Yeah, what's poor man's lasagna?
That's a great poem Wendy. :) You're talented.

I really want to draw on my floors now.
Don't tell my mom.

mama-face said...

My daughter more than deserves one of those hotties. Boys are dumb.

You just cranked out that poem spur of the moment? I'm kind of new here; do you do that often? Wow.

NCIS...I just discovered this show. Where have I been? Love it.

Good luck with the floor and getting some sleep.

Sarah said...

Is it bad that I loved the original Anaconda?

Kitchen Design Software said...

Wow looks like a really interesting project.

Wendyburd1 said...

Poor Man's Lasagna is when you mix cooked ziti with the ricotta and mozzerella and half the sauce. Then you spread it in the pan and cover with sauce and bake it and sprinkle mozzerella on in the last 10 minutes. I prefer real lasagna but this is fast and good too!

Tori_z said...

That's a good poem. :)

Donna said...

That is so cool how you guys wrote on your kitchen floor like that! I want to do that too! I think I will if/when we get ours replaced.

LadyStyx said...

That dress sketch...someone has some talent. Wish I could draw like that.

USA has marathons on some of the shows. NCIS is one of them and usually they air them on Sundays.

CaJoh said...

Can't wait to see the finished product.

Anonymous said...

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