Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I ♥ Nia!! and Awards

Tonight I went to a 10pm showing of Nia Vardalos's new movie, My Life in Ruins. Any Nia fans out there know that her two other films, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Connie & Carla, were hysterical, so could this new movie live up to her former glory? YES, yes it can and did! It was hilarious and man that hairy dude is HOT once he starts shaving and then when he cuts his hair, holy crap, she found the motherload!!

As the credits started, being the movie geek I am, I noted "Hey Look!! Ian Gomez is in the movie!", which drew blank stares from my sisters. I was like, "her real life husband...he was Javier in Felicity...ring ANY bells?". It can be lonely when you are the only movie buff in the theater! *sighs* They did recognize him when he showed up in the movie, and it was so funny, because he is so slimy in it and you want to gag, but she is in love with HIM in real life! LOL!

Anyway, the story follows Georgia, a history professor who lost her job after moving to Greece a year ago. She has been working for a tour bus company and is the least popular tour director as she is spouting of all facts and no fun. So she gets the crappy bus, the d-list tourists, and now a new driver who she decideds speaks no English and is a scary hairy man that gives her the creeps. Her tourists include Richard Dreyfuss who is phenomenal in this movie. He is so funny, and you think he is SO obnoxious at first, until his secret is revealed and he ends up being Georgia's sounding board, and pushes her to live life. You've got the weirdo who is a big wig for IHOP and collects vinatge syrup, the noisy Americans(hey!), the unintelligle Aussies (hey hey!!) who are never without a beer, the old people, which includes old lady clepto, who just miraculously has souveneirs for everybody ALL the time! ROFL! And a myriad of other colorful characters who are going to teach this uptight Georgia how to live life and love it too. And of course they have to give the gorgeous "hairy beast" such an unforgettable name. His nickname, to shorten his first name is Poopie...yup really. So when the tourists say they'd rather call him by his last then...yeah his last name is Kakas. Poopie Kakas. If you don't get it...I am sorry. Truly. So I LOVED this movie and now it makes me wanna go find Connie & Carla!! If you missed that one, RENT it!!! Nia and Toni Collette pretend to be drag queens to be safe from bad guys and they end up headlining a drag show, and HOLY CRAP! Their voices are amazing!! It is so freaking hilarious, especially when Nia falls for David Duchovny, who thinks she is a man! It is so good!!

Elsewhere, I had an anger attack. Those relatives that crossed the line are just driving me mad. I feel sick just thinking about them, and am not interested in what they want, not anymore. I don't even like to think about THEM, so the fact that they were brought up, just festered inside of me without me even realizing it, until I had to get that anger out. I am calmer now, but it just reinforces that even thinking about them right now is too much for me. They are not good for my mental health.

I watched Defiance the other night, don't remember if I brought it up and it was amazing. And the fact that it IS a true story just made it that much more powerful. Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber were magnificent in it, as two of the four Bielski brothers who survived the Jew massacres and hid in the forest for over 2 years, taking in more and more Jews, and not only hiding, but fighting the enemy to survive. In the end, they ended up saving over 1200 Jews. It would have been even more too, but they lost MANY to typhus and the winter and fighting the Germans. And when they disbanded, these brothers never asked for acknowledgement or any recognition. They just did it, and no one was turned away. They took the young and the oldest of the old, and Tuvia, the brother who led them, told them everyone was equal. Women were talk to be soldiers as well as young children. They had to do everything they could to survive. They ended up making a community that took care of itself. And the story was amazing. And while watching to trailers before it I saw a really long one for Benjamin Button, so today I got it from Redbox and am going to watch it once this post is done. It looks very interesting, though I am worried about how it will end. Anyway if you want to see the human spirit at it's finest, Defiance is a movie to watch. Like when I watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, it brings the Holocaust to life for those who didn't experience it firsthand, etc. And it makes you wonder, how on Earth people can do such things to another, but it did happen and it just makes you FEEL. It is hard to explain. You feel closer to that event in history and it enrages you to think of what those people went through, and that you can't change history for them. It is just amazing. Really.

I also got two awards from my friend Sheri at Sheri's World!

I got The Adorable Blog Award!

The rules are to:
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I also got The Queen of All Things Awe-summm award


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I’m Awe-summm because…
1. I hate lies, even ones of omission, so I don't lie.
2. I am a GREAT source for tv and movie knowledge.
3. I love dogs.
4. I will defend those I love until my last breath.
5. I love to make things, like drawings and crafts, etc.
6. I love to laugh.
7. I can't dance but I have definite opinions on who else can dance. I love you SYTYCD!!

Since I have two awards to now give away… I’d like to give them BOTH to the names listed below. Congratulations!

Ca-Joh at http://cajoh.blogspot.com/
doo-dah at http://sostinkingfunny.blogspot.com/
Fiauna at http://formyfour.blogspot.com/
Natalie at http://hensleyherald.blogspot.com/
Mama Kat at http://mamakatslosinit.blogspot.com/
Denise at http://sunflowerschocolateandlittleboys.blogspot.com/
Michelle at http://thingsmichellehastotell.blogspot.com/

These are amazing bloggers, so go and check them out if you haven't already!!

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Sarah said...

I LOVE Javier! I miss that show. I've seen every episode of Felicity and re-watched many of them on tvduck. My fav is the episode with Lionel Richie and the way Javier says his name: Lion-EL Reeeeeechie! Or Benjameeeen.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I love your movie recaps. It makes me want to see both of those movies. Congrats on the awards! And thanks for sharing. I will be posting them on my blog today. HUGS!!

alotstuff said...

nice blog and have lots of stuff here......


CaJoh said...

Thank you for the awards. The Queen one reminds me of the Queen of everything.

Keep up the great work!

Kristina P. said...

I haven't seen Defiance yet, but I need to.

Congrats on the award!

Jillene said...

I REALLY REALLY want to see Defiance--BAD!!

Congrats on the awards!!

LadyStyx said...

*adds a couple movies to her "Check these out" list*

Sheri said...

You're very welcome for the awards, you are very deserving of them both :)

Quickly Going Insane said...

You're freakin' awesome, Wendy!!! Thanks for the blog awards!!!

Fiauna said...

Okay, so call me a space cadet. I totally forgot that my mom had signed into her blog on my computer. Then I commented on you blog under her sign-in. So sorry. That was supposed to be me saying, "You're freakin' awesome, Wendy!!! Thanks for the blog awards!!!"

Lee said...

I was thinking about seeing that movie, but I've actually never seen any of her movies.
Pretty bad, right?

ramsam said...

Congrats on the awards! Sounds like you have been busy catching up on lots of fun movies, too. I loved Greek Wedding- so maybe I would like this one.

Mama Kat said...

I can't watch movies...my adult ADD kicks into overdrive when one is on...although I've gotten better at the animated kid ones. I guess I have the attention span of a child.

That being said THANKS FOR THE AWARD!!! :) So sweet.

Tori_z said...

Glad you enjoyed the movies, and congrats on your awards. :)

Rowboat said...

yay thanks for the awards! and i can't wait to see that new Nia movie. I loved the greek one.

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