Monday, June 8, 2009

Arms falling off!

Ugh the Wendy overdid it last night with the Stability Ball excercises. I thought I was being all good doing extra to make up for skipping on Friday, and I felt fine after and for hours after. Then I woke up. My abs, thighs and upper arms are in agony!! A bloody bouncy ball killed me. I am so thankful we don't excercise on weekends (like I said I had to make up for Friday) but am especially thankful today WAS Sunday so I have today to recover before walking a mile and doing toning up tommorrow. Sitting UP hurts and I whimper. Bloody ball!!

I also think I am getting sick. I sound weird everyone says, and feel congested and keep sneezing. I feel pitiful. That is so sad to say but it is true. I hurt and I feel kinda yucky. What a weekend. Maybe someone at the Pampered Chef thing was sick, because I felt absolutely fine until about 7am this morning. Agh my nose feels so weird!

I finally got other people to watch ET with me tonight. Mom and Sandy anyway. I bought it a year ago and no one ever wants to watch it with me, but I have been saving Reeses Pieces up for it anyway and tonight they finally agreed. I also bought Reeses PB cups...that was the main reason my Mom agreed, she wanted some. But Sandy ended up realizing it wasn't as sad as she thought and she liked it. Hah!! I knew she would. ET is an awesome movie, Spielberg is a genius!

My birthday is now officially 26 days away, it is so weird, I swear it was just a few months ago! The only thing that sucks about having your birthday on the 4th of July? All restaurants are jam packed and most don't "do" reservations! Grrrr! I would SO love to eat at The Cheesecake Factory but on a normal day it is a 2 hour wait so it will so not be happening. Ah the perils of being an Independence baby!:)

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Sarah said...

I hate to say this but normally two days after a hard work out is the worst of it...hopefully you ARE recovered by tomorrow...if not, it's fine to do cardio(it actually helps muscles repair) but no strength training (you don't want to injure something worse).

Love ET. I was an extra in Drew Barrymore's film due out un October ("Whip It") and was in awe of her on set, remembering when she was just a cute little girl!
Hope you feel better, I am still getting over whatever I had. I really should buy some Mucinex but it's too darn expensive!

Kristina P. said...

I didn't realize your birthday was on the 4th of July! I would just celebrate it after or before. Cheesecake Factory is delicious!

Jillene said...

I love E.T. It is one of the greatest movies. I have turned my kids on to it too and they also love it.

I would TOTALLY celebrate early or later beacuse Cheesecake Factory is THE BEST!!

Sheri said...

Exercise over-doing sucks big time the next day! I hope you aren't getting sick :(

Also - I have a few awards for you over at my blog if you'd like to pick them up. :)

Amander said...

I love the feeling of being sore and stiff after a hard work out! But since you don't like it, I hope it goes away soon for you :)

Lee said...

I hate feeling sore after working out.

I'm sorry if you're getting sick. :(
I think I'm getting a little sick myself, but more like a stomach virus.

Anonymous said...

My birthdays on a random 9th of december. That's so cool that yours is on the fourth of july! feel better. =D

ramsam said...

One of my best friends has a b-day the same day as you! I think it is very COOL!

Go to Cheesecake Factory the night before.

Izzy said...

Take it easy there buddy I used to over do it with my knee and regret it later it was a hard lesson I learned but I know better now.

and yes there is noting better than ET Tho i usually stay up to watch Craig Fergison (I dun think I spelt that right)

but yes ^_^

and sweet my birthday is in 20 days ^_^ woot for the happyness

Happy early birthday to you

Be Well

LadyStyx said...

ET's one I read before I watched at the movies. The book got me all misty-eyed...the movie, not so much.

Hmmm, I suddenly have this craving for peanut butter and chocolate...

Tori_z said...

Hope you're not still in pain from all the exercising.

They wouldn't watch ET? I'm glad you finally got them to... ET is an awesome movie!

You wouldn't have any problems being born on 4th July over here... We don't celebrate Independance Day, so it's just normal resteraunt service here.

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