Monday, June 15, 2009

Short and Sweet

The floor is really slow going. Dad woke everyone up with the hammering today, even though he had said a specific time. He thought he could put this one thing in, that has to go in the doorway, while he was alone. Only it didn't cooperate so he was hammering it, then on his knees hammering it, then on his feet with a mallet, pounding it, then was jumping up and down on it, slamming his feet...and then it broke. Yeah not a good start. It is not quite a 1/3 done, so it is quite anxiety-inducing. And I was the gopher again. Needed some grocery items that couldn't wait for tommorrow, so off to the grocer store. Dinner time and everyone wants something good, Wendy is off. I needed out so that was good, but doing errands is not doing it, I am so stir crazy. And tommorrow? Yeah grocery shopping, so basically a long errand. Oy.

We had Outback tonight...Dad's way of apologizing for, angered outbursts. LOL. It was muy delicioso. And I picked up a Pepperidge Farm Golden cake and bite size cheesecake bites by Sara Lee for dessert.

There is absolutely nothing ON, on Sundays so I am bored. No SYTYCD, no I'm A Celebrity. No Royal Pains (which I am really liking so far, it is quite entertaining) or the remaining episodes of The Unusuals, Harper's Island. Nothing. No Jon + Kate. I am bored. Going to have to go through my movies and watch one of the ones I have never seen...yes I do own quite a few I have never seen. If they are really horrible I sell them on e-bay. Watched Vipers with Tara Reid the other day...yeah that's an e-bay item.

It WAS a gorgeous day in CT though, too bad it was stuck inside. But really pretty. I am worried all week or MORE, we are going to be doing stuff with the floor and I am crawling up the walls NOW. Please, noooooooo.

As I was running around town, I had an old cd I had made playing and this song is STILL so nice, so here ya go for Sunday (technically monday but barely): Extreme's Mor Than Words

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Sarah said...

I love that song, always have. It's a good thing you are stuck inside...I was outside for 90 minutes today WITH sunscreen and still got burnt! Gorgeous in MI too :)

The Boob Nazi said...

I loooooooooooooovvvveeeeee that song

Jillene said...

We had Outback on Friday night--Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

And as for the song--Love it!!

Sheri said...

Ah man hopefully the floor is done soon! Outback is yummy, I love the chicken meal there. :)

LadyStyx said...

I'm watching Royal Pains too. It did a real good job at catching my attention in the first episode and kept the ball rolling going into the second one (unlike Raising the Bar which lost me at eppy2).

Mina said...

Hey, nice new look! (Boy I've been gone a while!) I love Outback. But I always go WAAAY overboard there. I also love More Than Words. I vividly remember sitting in my senior pre-calc class singing it in parts with a friend of mine. Boy I feel old now!

Jessica♥ said...

you should've recorded Degrassi's marathon this weekend! It was on The N and it was very entertaining. ugh I so wish SYTYCD would hurry up and air already! Patience is not my virtue. and hurry up with that floor already! my goodness!

Lee said...

I want Outback... bloomin' onion!
I'm sorry he broke whatever it is he broke.
But that sounds like something that I would do.

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