Friday, June 5, 2009

Mmmm Food

Not the real pics, I forgot my camera! Doh!!

Yeah I am going to be talking food. Sorry if you are hungry! I had the best meal tonight and it was so unexpected, that it just makes you happy and pray that your new discovery doesn't go belly up and close their doors for ever. Katie had been out on a bunch of errands and decided to stop in this place in Plainville she has never been to before and she loved it and everything she ate. So, since Thursday is Diner night in our house, we go out to diners and the like, as a family. Katie was pushing this place, telling us all about how it is run by 2 little Polish women and the food is great. When I saw they at least had chicken cutlet, I was like, okay let's go try this.

Now she warned us as we drove that it was a small place, but she said they had a few tables inside, so that is fine. And we get to Liz's Quick Gourmet and it looks like a tiny, itty-bitty house. We go in and most of the area is behind the counter, the small space with tables, all 4 of them is immediately in the door. What Katie had failed to mention was that all 4 tables were tiny round tables with 2 chairs each, so if anyone else had been there first, we wouldn't have been able to eat there. But we dragged two of the tables together and perused the menu. They had a lot of Polish platters, but the only Perogie I have discovered I love is from a frozen box. So I ordered the Chicken Cutlet with Mashed Potatoes and Cucumber salad. Luckily though Mom said she wished we could try them (no one ordered a plate that had perogies, 2 of us got the chicken, 2 the roast beef and Mom got the potato pancakes) so Katie asked if we could get 5 as an appetizer, so we could each have one. There adorable women will fry them or boil them, whatever you want. I also ordered a small Chicken soup. It was so hot inside it was unbearable, there is so many pots boiling and pans frying that their mini air cooler was so not working. But once those perogies arrived it was worth it!! They were AMAZING, and I only got one!! Sure I still love my frozen ones and they are different anyways because I bake those, these were fried and were heavenly!! And the soup, okay not the pasta in it (so not even al dente) was good too, and I am very critical of chicken noodle soup, if the broth seems sweet, I won't eat it.

I couldn't finish all the soup, even their small soup was huge, so I gave it to Kat and she sucked it dry. My Dad also had the larger portion and was wowed that you got so much for a decent price! And then the chicken was delivered and my jaw dropped. It was a HUGE chicken cutlet and lightly breaded and fried to perfection, it was so delicious. If it had a light lemon cream sauce, it would be just as good as the chicken dish I love at The Cheesecake Factory!! Dad liked his roast beef but I think we all wished we had gotten the 7 Perogie platter. I shared my chicken with Kate since red meat isn't really her thing and I told her not to get it, but she wanted to try something different and was all, maybe Mom will want to try it. Mom didn't, Mom had perogies and loved the chicken so she was eating off Sam's plate and then she got her potato pancakes, so she was NO! So I have Katie the other half of my meal. Even the cucmber salad in it's delicate sauce and sprinkled with dill weed, was delicious!

I was so stuffed and SO hot, so Sandy went outside with me. It was so cool out cool we went and sat in the car, it was too cool, but way better than being inside. Katie showed up and said the women's credit card machine wasn't working so the three of us went to a bank. When we got back, Mom and Dad were standing outside, which was weird. Apparently these women are SO sweet, they said "No you go. We trust you. You bring the money tommorrow", that was shocking, they are so sweet! But we had the money and payed them. And we have a menu and they do Take-Out and are a 5 minute drive from us! Go Katie, she found us a good one!! I so want another was homemade and so good. Everything was homemade, which is why we pray their business picks up so they don't go away. Not when we just found them!!

Went home after and watched yesterdays The Unusuals, it has been cancelled but they are airing the remaining episodes. My Mom, Sam and I love it. It is so out there, and we are sad it didn't get a real chance. They have such weird characters. The cop who is afraid he will die so he sleeps in his bulletproof vest and has bumper rail things around his desk and has inflatible furniture in his home. Oh and the stuff they are making kids playground floors out of, that rubber stuff? Yup his floor AND walls, LOL! Then there is the cop who refers to himself in the third person, the one who has a tumor in his head and won't tell anyone and now everything, fruit and all, tastes like meat. The cast is stellar though, Amber Tamblyn, and many others. Then once it was over, Sandy and I did the Dance off the Inches Express and then did some toning work, until I had barely the energy for a shower. That whole human noodle thing.

I taped tonight's shows, which were I'm A Celebrity..., which I can't wait to watch. Will they allow Speidi to return to camp? I hope so, loving the drama!! Then I taped SYTYCD, they are announcing the final 20 tonight, so no one tell me!! And I also taped The Listener, it is the summer, I will SO give an NBC drama a shot! So what did you guys have for dinner? I want to go and hug those lil polish ladies they are so cute!! Liz's Quick Gourmet, on Route 10 in Plainville, Ct, you guys are amazing chefs and we will be BACK!!

P.S. I am going to a Pampered Chef Party on Saturday, so Ramona thanks for telling me about their spatula/scrapers, I am so buying one!!

P.P.S. I can't believe they didn't put BOTH brothers through on SYTYCD!! They rocked the Vegas dances!! I AM grumbling!! They missed a major asset on the show!

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Tori_z said...

Glad you enjoyed your dinner so much. :)

As for what I had for dinner...

I had baked potato with cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and sour cream, made for me by hubby. It was very tasty. He's a pretty good cook when he wants to be. ;)

rychelle said...

i love pampered chef. their products are top-notch.

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy! I love finding a good place to eat!

Have fun at the party.

I LOVE SYTYCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee said...

I totally want to bop you.
I'm starving right now.
God that picture is making my mouth water, and just reading your post is making me drool.
This can't end well.
I hope no one puts anything near my mouth that's damageable.

Anonymous said...

dinner sounds Delish!

Anonymous said...

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!! love that show sooo incredibly much. I already picked my favorite out of the top 20. =]

LadyStyx said...

Mmmmm pierogis! Fried with onions and cheese over the top. *sigh* Thank goodness I thought to bring my salad into this entry with me....

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