Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Swear

So it was a good Dad's day. It was pouring...again. It has been pouring rain everyday for over 2 1/2 weeks!! It is towards the end of JUNE, not May!! Where is the sunshine?! My Dad loved the GPS (lol) and cards and video I made him. The girls went out in the rain and BBQ'd for him, though we are taking him to Bertucci's tommorrow too. It was just all too crowded today. And Dad picked The Seeker: The Dark is Rising, to watch. I don't care what critics say, I like that movie, which is why I own it! It is a fun fantasy movie and I would so go and see a sequel...even though it sounds like that will never happen. Critics don't know what they are talking about. They love weird or depressing crap, and then the movies that real people LOVE, they give horrid reviews and people actually listen to them!! When you listen to someone who has cut down Transformers and Sleepy Hollow or Mr & Mrs Smith, but raves about The Departed and Reservation Road? I am sorry, but that is insanity!!

I fell asleep again though! Aghhh! This overwhelming....oohhh sleepy is so nice feeling comes over me and I was in and out. Then the last 5 minutes BEFORE the movie is over, I wake up and am fine! What the heck is going on?! I watched Transformers last night to prepare myself (like I needed it, I love that movie!) for the sequel and was fine!! It is so weird! Now there is 9 days until Dad's Birthday, 12 until my oarents Anniversary, 13 until my Birthday and 17 until Sam's birthday.

It is Sunday so I am doing a short and sweet post. Here is a video though, hope you all had a GREAT day!!

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CarrieAnn said...

(1) I love Bertucci's. They closed the one near me, and now I feel like I must go in search of one now that you have reminded me.

(2) I loved Reservation Road. Saw the previews for the Transformers sequel tonight while watching X-Men Wolverine. Great movie.

(3) I had my hair colored red today. I thought of you.

Tori_z said...

I'm glad your Dad enjoyed the day (despite the rain).

I think the same sometimes about movie critics. Sometimes they get it right, but other times they are way off the mark. And, seriously, you can't just go by what these people you don't even know say about a movie. By all means ask friends who have seen it, by all means read the reviews, but - at the end of the day - the only way you can really know if you like a movie is to watch it yourself. Same goes for music, books, and pretty much everything else.

As for the sleepyness thing... Have you tried doing something while watching the movie? Something that keeps your hands busy, and perhaps your mind a bit too. That's why I started knitting, because I was fed up of missing most of what I was sitting down to watch (was having the same problem when listening to audiobooks). It didn't matter if I was loving the movie/audiobook/TV show... Sitting still and doing nothing seemed to send a message to my brain that it was time to sleep. Then I'd wake up just before whatever it was finished, and be up until who knows when because I'd had a nap, so was rrefreshed... It was really annoying! Anyway, I'm not saying taking up knitting is the answer for you, i'm just saying that it might help to have something in your hands to keep you doing something while watching the movie. Just a thought.

Sheri said...

I love the rain :) Glad your Dad enjoyed the day, mine did too I guess. He didn't want to do anything fancy so he got his wish lol.

Jillene said...

I'm glad that you dad enhoyed his day and his gifts. I can't WAIT for Transformers 2!!

LadyStyx said...

I hear ya on the movie issue. We had a critic up in New York that we lovingly called Joan the Bitch. She was a nasty critic, worse than most. My mom discovered, in rather short order, that if Joan hated a movie then we'd generally love it. I suspect she'd hate those three examples you gave. I wasn't really much in love with the Transformers (although I really did appreciate the SFX alot...tons of work there) but I did rather enjoy Mr and Mrs Smith (such humor!) and Sleepy Hollow. It's sad when really great films are under appreciated.

Fiauna said...

I usually don't like action movies, but I did like Transformers. And, I'd even watch the sequel.

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