Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bra Beefs and Bugs

Yeah okay, so any male followers may want to skip this post because I am talking about some personal beefs I am having with Bras. It just struck me tonight that I am so sick of them...alas not wearing one is SO not an option. I happen to have inherited my Grandmother's chest, so I have had to deal with a big chest most of my life. Seriously I had a real bra in third grade, it was not some cutesie training bra, it was the real thing, so I have spent a LONG time trying to find a bra that works for me. Playtex, the 18 Hour bra, everything. And no I cannot afford to have specially made ones like a relative does, that work great, but knowing bras, it is probably an underwire.

I LOATHE underwires, I feel like they are a corset around the chest and are seriously uncomfortable. I get that they are supposed to be superior in keeping "the girls" up where they should be, but I am not one who is into torturing myself. I say it is bad enough that we women have to deal with them everyday, but do we really have to experience torture just to keep them encased and NOT at our knees?! And I am not even someone who cares WHAT my bras look like. I don't need frills and crap, I just want to be comfortable and not feel like a 90 year old woman. I get mine from Cacique which is a sister store of Lane Bryant. And I love when I buy a new bra, the first few times you wear them, it is like Hallelujah, they are right where they are supposed to be!! Then something happens and every time you have to tighten those arm straps more and more to keep the ladies from sitting at your waist, until you can't tighten it anymore. And since I don't use underwires...which means I don't know if bigger chested women who do have this problem...I have to "adjust" all the time. They gravitate towards eachother and are like a butt...on your chest. So gotta go excuse yourself and pry them apart. So embarassing. And yet I typed it...oh geez I am being too free today, huh?!

And I do not want to be one of the bullet bra ladies. You know the ones, they look like they are wearing bras from the 1950's, they come to a point, so look out or you may get killed. Seriously look at the pic below, those are scary!!

Queen Latifah had a line for like 5 minutes at Walmart but sadly I have not seen it since that one time. Now that woman has chest's so I was hopeful but they take it away like that! Grrr. LOL! Hopefully this post has been making you laugh, it is really the reason I decided to air my grievances put LOUD. LoL!!

I also realized something about bugs last night. I was innocently walking back to the TV room last night and froze as I saw one of those ginormous mosquito things, and this one was like WAY bigger than the size of a daddy long leg. Not only am I TERRIFIED of bugs (I am also Arachnaphobic to the nth degree), but that is not the whole story. Even after I used a fly swatter to kill it (die die die!!), the fear was still there for hours! I realized that they also make me feel unsafe. It's like your house is supposed to be your haven from what scares you, and this horrid little disgusting beast invaded your safe zone and marked it's territory. Like a dog! For hours I was slapping at areas I felt things crawling on, and itching at places I thought I had been bit (yes I know those aren't the kind of mosquitos that suck your blood...don't care!), it was a nightmare! Man I hate bugs soooooo much! I don't find them neccessary ONE BIT!! I don't wanna hear about the circle of life either, God could have invented something else for bug eaters to eat. I am serious. Loathsome creepy crawlers!! Did anyone see I'm A Celebrity Tuesday night? I could so NOT have gone in that room. I am shuddering just thinking about it!!

So that is what is irking me today. Okay not all tht is irking me today. It has been a sucky day. One of those days where little things just start adding up until you feel immensely overwhelmed, know what I mean? Just like one tiny thing too many. So thank you sister for leaving the car so empty the gas light was on and I had to stand in the rain and fill it. Thanks Target AND Walmart for having only 3 cashiers open on a day where both stores were crazy busy. You get my drift. Just one thing too many. I did get bad toxins out, Sam and I did the Walk Away the Pounds Mile with Kick-Boxing. That one is so hard and so tiring, I was soaked in sweat when we finished. My hair was soaked, I was a mess. Sandy was all "dontcha feel great now"...chipper people can get on my nerves, lol. Especially since NO, I dod not think I feel good sweating. After a shower, maybe I feel that good feeling, but standing there slick as a greased pig? Uhmmm....NO. :)post signature

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Lee said...

I wish I didn't have to wear a bra, but considering my nungas would be hanging by my stomach, that's not an option.
Since I was 10 it hasn't been an option.
I hate bras. They're uncomfortable.

Kristina P. said...

I actually don't have problems with underwires. You just have to go through trial and error. I HAVE to have underwire because nothing else provides enough support.

Sarah said...

I have never had an issue with bras because I barely have anything to put IN them! And since we're talking so candidly I can tell you that I switched my birth control method back to the patch because even though it is more likely to cause blood clots, it makes my "girls" a cup size bigger than the sad is that?! Thankfully, I am not afraid of bugs so much. I just took a spider outside the other night, he was hanging from my ceiling fan.

rychelle said...

this is the only bra i wear anymore:

it has underwire, but is SO comfortable. i love it so much i've talked my mom, cousins, aunts and co-worker into trying it, and they all love it too.

Donna said...

Ugh, bras can be such a pain. Victoria's Secret seems to have some good new bras out, they might be worth a try.

Tori_z said...

I so hear you on this post!

I'm one of those people who was in a proper bra by the time I was like 9 or 10 too. And I totally agree about hating those ones with the wire... I don't care what they say, I swear those ones were invented just to torture people more. And why is it you only get a few wears from a bra before "the girls" start going south again? It's stupid. I mean, I can understand once you've had the bra several months, but come on! Just once I'd like a bra I can own for more than a week without things going back to how they were before I got the new bra. And then - for some unknown reason - those people who have semi-flat chests are all like, "I wish I was big like you!" You do? Great, then let's swap... They can have the discomfort, the lack of bras that feel comfortable for extended periods of time, eetc. I'd be more than happy to trade and have a chest so flat I can go without a bra if I want to. Even just for one day would be nice.

I'm with you on the bugs. And, if we didn't have bugs then we wouldn't need bug eaters. The animals that meat eaters eat can survive fine on plant eaters. And those that can't will soon learn to adapt if they need to.

Mary said...

I have also struggled with bras since a very young age. I know that Fredericks goes up to a 42F, and I used to have to go to a specialty store when I was really big & pay upwards of $60 per bra for my 42H! (thank the Lord I lost the weight, and a few sizes)
I have always loved underwire though...sorry you two have such a rocky relationship!

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I wear underwires on days when I am leaving the house and need to look less frumpy. But in the house it is all about comfort. Whether that is wire free or bra free.
And I hate bugs too. I dont want to think about la la la la

LadyStyx said...

I hate bras too. Unfortunately, they're a necessary evil. Last thing we need to do is get a black eye while exercising! ;)

I refuse to get the underwires though. *ugh* It's hard finding them without the underwires in the upper sizes though (46D and up!)

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