Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bowling and Italian

*my feet...bowling shoes suck!

I had a really fun night tonight. Sandy and I met up with Naomi, Weezie and Zak. We decided to go to Bertucci's, as Naomi's visit has been ALL about only eating at places that are NOT in Idaho. LOL. I am hoping if things don't work out in Idaho, that she will decide to move back home. She has loads of friends here and family. I miss her so it would make me happy!LOL! So Sam and I shared Chicken Parm, but I didn't like it that much. I prefer the kind Sandy makes at home. See her favorite meal there is the Balsamic chicken, but I don't like balsamic sauce, too sweet and I hate sweet meat. My favorite meal is the Pollo Sanremo, and Sandy hates lemon sauce of any kind. So we compromised. We knew neither of us could finish a whole meal by ourselves and as we were going out after dinner, we shared. So now I know though, Wendy is not a fan of Bertucci's Chicken Parmesan. Nobody ate that much of their meal, so I still wonder why we ate first!LOL. Zak was hungry but he didn't eat that much either, so it was funny!

We decided to go duck-pin bowling, which made me and Sam happy. We are not the best at duck-pin, we just like it, but REAL bowling? I have no idea how you even release the ball correctly when you have to put your fingers in the holes. And as I did sucky tonight, it was a good thing we weren't trying something new. My best score was a 59 people, Yeah I had 0's in there, yeah I did. I probably would have chillaxed a little, but Zak (yeah and you know it Zak!) was egging me on. I just can't get the ball to go where I AIM!! Weezie is normally really good but I think the baby is throwing her balance off a bit, so when little Rexxy is born, I will have to get her to give me some pointers, because I sucked SO bad!! But I had a good time hanging with my friends and my sister, who is one of my closest friends, so I had a really good time. The first game we played we did regular. But the second game after about 4 frames, we only had 25 minutes until closing, so we did "Speed: bowling. As soon s as you throw the ball, you run back for another and then another, until your 3 turns are done. It was quite comical at times! Weezie, I don't know HOW, did amazing, she kept on only having to bowl twice because she would hit the pins all down. It was so cool! It was after 11 when we got back to their parents house and said our goodnights. I wish we could have hung out more. Naomi leaves Monday morning, so except for seeing her at church on Sunday, this was it!! And a lot has been going her life at least and I would have loved to just sit on the couches and talk. I wish we could have sat and talked more about Rexxy too. It just wasn't enough time! Agghh!! So I need to get my act together and make plans with Weezie and Zak more, and this would be why I wish Nao would move home too! I miss my friends!

Sandy and I stopped at McD's and got sundaes on our way home. I was so hot after "speed" bowling. And then I was thirsty so we stopped at Food Bag and got a water.

Then we went home and I am now on the semi-recovered laptop. My Dad nuked it, but then it's gigs were all used up, I found out my itunes music went to 2 places on my C drive so now I have 30 gb free, and he will add all my programs, so half done! And (knock on wood) so far my dvd/cd drive is working!! Yay!! Here are some pics from tonight. I don't have my Paint Shop Pro yet so I can't fix red-eye!! Sad! Here this is Naomi showing you what "speed" bowling IS:

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mama-face said...

Ha. i remember duck pin bowling from long ago. I did not bowling alleys still had that. Shows how often I go bowling.

That last picture of cute.

Tori_z said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. :)

I'm glad your Dad managed to get your laptop sorted. I know you said you still don't have everything on there yet, but at leastt it works. :)

Sheri said...

Aww looks like you guys had a great time! Cute pic of you too at the end there :)

Kristina P. said...

I have never even heard of duck pin bowling! Looks like fun!

Lee said...

Looks like a lot of fun! You're stealing my bowling niche!

I've never heard of that kind of bowling. But it looks interesting!

Jessica♥ said...

bowling!! woo hoo! good times. =]

Donna said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun. I haven't been bowling forever and I miss it, bad shoes and all!

LadyStyx said...

I havent been bowling in forever. I'm pretty sure my knees couldn't handle it for long these days.

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