Sunday, December 7, 2008

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Um yeah I am still doing badly, as much as I'd love to say one day on the new med cured all my woes, alas nothing works that way. I have a theory that Max, my dog, knows what I could do or take to make me happy go lucky, as I bet dogs didn't have "the veil" because they can't talk or write or anything. And me begging him "Max tell me, talk to me dog, make me better", just doesn't seem to be working out. He actually had the gall to look at me with eyes that were saying "are you high?" which made me sigh in disgust and let him saunter off to his spot on the couch.
So As I worry if I write too much about it tonight that I will cry, I am trying to stay off that touchy subject right now.

Guess what? It snowed tonight. Sure it was just like 2 inches but it was pure magic. I sat on the floor in front of the sliding doors with the outside light on for almost a half hour, just watching the flakes float softly to the deck. It is soothing, snow, to me at least. It feels so clean and pure. I tried to take some pics, and they are odd. I took some with a motion thing on and they turned out neat looking, you can see the trail the snowflakes were taking. The 'rents took me away once they found me, worried I'd catch pneumonia from sitting on the floor near a door and my Mom was worried I was brooding...okay there may have been some brooding, but I WAS enjoying the first snow I'VE spotted here in town.

They kinda remind me of firework smoke, but it is SNOW falling DOWN.

We watched "Wanted" tonight. Sure there were a little too many unneccasary swear words, but overall I really enjoyed it. Angelina was superb like I knew she would be. This is HER kind of movie. Strong female character that kicks...butt and takes no crap from anyone. Was I happy with the way the movie ended as pertained to her character? No, but she was honorable and I liked that.
And James McAvoy could hold his own. Yeah I am a bit surprised because he was starring opposite Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, both who I really like, although Morgan I adore! He is so phenomenal in the Alex Cross movies. I wish they would make some more! He had such chemistry with Ashley Judd especially, which they must have seen...well someone did because they costarred again in High Crimes, another awesome movie. Anyway it was a good movie, skip if you really can't handle swears. I guess I am sadly, just a little too de-sensitized to them. Sure I don't like them, but after the initial shock I start to just follow plot and let go of language I guess. Sorry, I am such a bad Mormon girl, see I AM a Mormon rebel.LOL.

So I said I would post some of the pics I took of Thanksgiving Day. So here are a few.

My Aunt's Thanksgiving Table. I sat fourth down on the right.

THESE are my Aunt's famous potatoes, my FAVE. No one makes them like her. Pic turned out pretty good if i do say so myself, LOL.

And here is OUR Turkey....

This is Liz, my cousin, she was tired after eating...for such a tiny stomach she PACKED it in! ☻

My Cousin Alex...I did NOT want my first pic of her in 4 years to contain her boyfriend, but what could I do?

Sam with Tiger, the only cat I Love. Tiger thinks she is a dog, sleeps near the firestove on her back with all four legs inthe air...ahhh Tiger, you rock.♥

I wish I'd had the guts to say to my cousins and Aunt and Uncle, Hey I want pics WITH you all, but alas I am not brave even with family. Auntie, Uncle John and Elizabeth go to our house before Christmas so maybe then. Rebecca was supposed to go last year, but Dad got pneumonia and Mom had Bronchitis, so we didn't even exchange gifts until Easter...and I got a Christmas candle holder and have NO CLUE where it was APRIL!!! Agghhh!

6 meaningful meanderings:

The Boob Nazi said...

Wait, so there are no mashed potatoes???

Kristina P. said...

I actually really liked Wanted, and so did Adam, which is rare. In fact, I think we're going to buy it. But, I have a thing for James McAvoy, who is slightly weird looking, but love his accent.

Annette said...

Looks yummy, I am glad you are doing okay.

CaJoh said...

See how something as simple as snow can be such a blessing in disguise. Glad you are adjusting.

Mary said...

I am on the fence with was kind of weird for me, I couldn't pick a side to root for!

Donna said...

I liked the snow we got too, even though it was light, it was snow! I think we're supposed to get some more later this week. The pictures you got of it are great. And that picture of your Thanksgiving turkey has me craving it again. Thanks a lot! :)

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