Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BLAST!!!! And....hmm wha?

So, I take my pills Sunday night...and...nothing happens. My pills include AMBIEN!! My super wonderful friend Ambien, which gives me yummy wonderful sleep...oh how I love it. And nothing happens.

Sure I was in a pissed off mood. I had just finished watching "The Strangers", and yeah I knew it was "inspired by true events", so it would probably end sucky. But I wanted to know how it had REALLY ended. So I turned my computer on and looked it up...and got VERY angry! I first read it on wikipedia, but thought surely NOT, so I looked up other websites and they ALL said the same thing. "Inspired by True Events" was a freaking publicity stunt. These "murders" NEVER happened. They lied. It was "inspired" by the creator having been a kid and a stranger knocking on his door and then finding out a few houses in his neighborhood were burglarized. That does NOT make a "inspired by true events" movie. The Zodiac murders, THOSE were inspired by true events, those were real murders that no one SAW happen, but we know they did indeed happen. This movie was a blatant LIE. I was furious, I HATE liars. Hate them! So I was steamed and walking...okay my fuming-ness. So my Mom made me take my pills. She said watch a half hour of something funny and you will be asleep before you know it...well I saw an entire movie. "What Happens in Vegas", which I thought was funny. Still wide awake. So I put in the Gossip Girl I missed...saw the whole thing. Laid there for hours...and nothing. ON Ambien! I finally called my Mom and told her nothing was working, so I was going to do the grocery shopping. So I went to Price Chopper for it's deals, went shopping at Stop and Shop, and it was about 1:30pm, so I was like, might as well go to Target too, and get the personal items we needed. And some Christmas napkins, etc. I got some mac-n-cheese ( they were out of my FAVE, DARE they!!) which was gross and a small Icey and sat for a few minutes, near the Starbucks. People ordering coffee here amuses me...chai mocha latte frappucinno whatevers. Just amused me while I ate a mostly cold macaroni noodle. Got home a little after 2:30pm...nobody home and a trunk chock FULL of groceries,etc. Urrghhh. Luckily though Kate and Sam drove up a few minutes later and helped. There was so much. We got it put away and the girls were stunned I was still so wide awake. But I was. Then I helped quiz Kate for her final on Tuesday (she got a 98 by the way, knew she'd ace it!). Since I was still awake, and the girls had classes to take or teach, when my Mom got home at 5, we took Dad down to Home Depot, figuring he could PICK out some gifts...yeah we have a small bag of lame things like GREASE!! Then he went home and Mom and I went shopping for her, some things you can buy her, without her. Shoes and dress shirts...yeah extremely picky. So we went to Payless, found shoes and socks she wanted. Then we went to Fashion Bug. Out of that WHOLE store, we found only 2 shirts, one which is only good for winter (snowflakes on it) and a short sleeve I HAD to make her try, and she loved it. She did however find 2 nightgowns she adores, and my Mom like me, loves her PJ's!! So I was like YES. Plus she saw a pair of real garnet earring for 60% off which she loved, so all went well for her!! Thank goodness! Now all she really needs is stocking stuffers, since we already got her sneakers, books, etc. Then we went to T.J. Max, they have such cool things. We walked all over. Found ginormous rice crispie treats for stockings. And found my Dad a new box, no it is NOT a jewelery box, it is rustic and he used to have a box he kept his watch and air force pins, etc in, but it broke a few months back. So my Mom was really pleased. As we walked in the light rain to the car, my Mom said she couldn't believe how awake I still was. It was 8 pm and I had been up for over 24 hours now.

I went and took a shower and went back down to help quiz Kate some more. I did good for maybe a half hour, then I was slurring words and started mixxing up words, so I said lemme put my head down for a lil while and proceeded to slip in and out of consciousness for awhile. I went and said godnight to my Mom at 11pm, and even though I slipped into a zone every so often, even as she tried to convince to take my pills and go to sleep now, I told her I was too afraid to be up early and didn't want to be alone with MY thoughts, so she gave up. I went back downstairs and was going to lie down in front of the TV and be all drifty in and out, but the girls said lie down in the room with them, so I did, I grabbed Maxie, held him like a teddy bear and drifted until about midnight. I got up, mentally slapping my cheeks to wake up. I KNEW if and when I fell asleep it would be a LONG sleep and as a Diabetic I did NOT want to wake up hypoglycemic. So I ate a snack, which my tummy did not like and was semi awake, so I fast forwarded through the days' soaps and watched Heroes ( I LOVE this show, so sad it is now gone til February!!). At 2:30 am, I took my pills and started a new show and remember nothing. So 36 hours of being awake and I finally was dead to the world. My Mom woke me at 7 am to push me upstairs and I slept until 6pm. Kate woke me, Dad and I had plans WITH her to go see "Four Christmases". So I reluctantly bit, got up, I think I could have slept another 6 hours at least, and got ready and we left at 6:30, so we could eat at BK first.

I really enjoyed Four Christmases! You don't neccessarily laugh out loud through the whole thing, but you are smiling the entire time. Dad said some of it was like BAD flashbacks which made me laugh. Oh and kat ditched us, she went for mexican with Gina, the mean ditcher, but sadly she remembered last minute she had made a promise. Anyway the movie was GOOD. I saw a new preview of a movie with Renee Zelwegger and Harry Connick Jr that looks hilarious! And it takes place in Hick-a-sota so even my dad wants to see it. We like to make fun of Mike's chosen state. The freak gets cold in FLORIDA, but lives in a state that was -10 last night. Yeah...freak. Anyway I saw a real preview for "He's Just Not That into You" and that looks bloody hilarious too. My Dad was all "girl movie" and I was like NO, the Renee one IS, and he said "it's only because Minnesota is basically the movie!"...whatever! So if you were iffy about this movie, it is basically fine, one or two things were like not neccesary but overall just plain fun.

On Thursday, we are going to see "The Day the Earth Stood Still". It is the 18th...Grandpa's anniversary, so we are doing stuff to distract the brains. We always seem to end up in the dark living room later with just the lights off, talking about him, me getting some crying out...but I think I like that. I want to remember him that day, just not DWELL on the loss too much. Plus later that night, the girls and I are making the doughs for Christmas cookies, and then on Friday, they are making me get up earlier, and we are baking and decorating. I am making a quadruple batch of P.B. cookies up for the Hershey Kiss cookies, that way we can bake half on Friday, and have another batch all ready to bake when we run out. I LOVE these, even though I make THESE with Splenda products, and they actually taste GOOD! The only sugar? The Kiss, which is 1.5 or 2 grams of sugar a cookie, so SCORE, Sam and I both can eat them fine (WLS) and Dad and I (the Diabetics) also have no trouble with it in this way! Mmmm, cookies.

I just PRAY that this doesn't happen again, and NOT tonight! Now I am off to write a Christmassy blog, which I will post either tonight or tommorrow night! I took some pics and everything! *HUGS*

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So said...

I'm glad you were finally able to get some sleep.

And I want to see Four Christmases it looks cute.

Mina said...

Wow, sounds like quite the couple of days you've had. Hope you can get to sleep okay tonight. I know it can't help you deal with the depression when you're sleep is still so off. Stinking Ambien!

When I was in third grade, I learned recorder like all of the other 3rd graders. That's where I learned to read music, but I had all of the letters written above the notes for ever. It finally sank in. I started flute in 7th grade, and I can't remember how the band teacher taught us. I agree that your music teacher was quite lame. My daughter's been taking flute since 4th grade. She's pretty good, but really doesn't have much on the kids here who've only been doing it since 6th.

Jillene said...

Glad that you got some sleep. I really want to see Four Christmases. It looks really good!!

Kristina P. said...

Wendy, do you have a sleeping routine? Meaning, do you take your medications and your Ambien at the same time every night?

You can take my unsolicited advice or leave it, but I know that for people with chemical imbalances, getting on a routine is a huge factor in helping get stabalized. I think that if you try to go to bed at the same time every night, it will start to kick in and your body will adjust and be able to sleep normally again.

Good luck!

Lee said...

I'll be honest, as of this second I've only read your first couple of paragraphs (DON'T SHOOT ME I'M GOING BACK TO READ THE REST WHEN I'M DONE AT THE CHIROPRACTOR!!)
But the strangers actually may be inspired by true events if I remember correctly. We were talking about it in my english class, and there was a story of a family that was terrorized by people that would sneak into their house and do things like cut their arm and then leave before they woke up.
And then it escalated. But of course, I haven't seen the movie. I just remember that my teacher and a couple students were discussing it and talking about that event.

Amander said...

Great you got sleep! Have fun with the splenda cookies!

Marie said...

I hope you keep getiing some good sleep. Maybe I need to send you my "beavy-pelt" to sleep with :)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

The Boob Nazi said...

Texas Chainsaw Massacres??? NEVER HAPPENED!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord child!
I had to quit reading at about "Home Depot" I was so tired I had to take a nap.

Creative Artist Genius Girl said...

Hey girl, sorry to hear things have been rough with you sleep wise. Coming from a fellow insomniac/depression sufferer, etc... just want to say I feel your pain. I mentioned this in another comment that maybe you want to try valarian root in addition to Ambien. Valarian is a natural safe herb, I take it every night to help me relax and get tired and sleep (YAY!!). It helps tremendously!

As for this Mike being skeptical about your problems, I've had similar experiences in my family, and I'm sure you don't need his validation to tell you that the health issues, etc... you're experiencing are real, and valid. Some family members are just like that, skeptical, and it sucks when they can't understand or support you (trust me, I know!!) I'm sure you're a strong gal and will work through things. Its just difficult when people from an outside perspective try to tell other people what they're doing wrong in their lives and what 'they'd' do if they were in their shoes. I think its ludicrous!

On another note, I'm a huge believer in alternative therapy for this kind of problems which includes herbs, carrot juice, healthy diet, etc... e-mail me if you want any advice! (not that I'm an expert, just want to share what works for me). I've found a lot of stuff that's helped me out naturally. Here's my e-mail:

Either way, hope you have a great Christmas Wendy and are getting more Zzz's!

Wishing you the best, Jessica

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