Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cookies and Snowstorms

So as much as I needed sleep, Sam woke me up at 4:30, after just a few bad hours of restless attempts at catch up sleep. I was glad though because my Mom actually HELPED bake this year. We worked on the sugar cookies first, as they have to cool enough to frost.

And as holiday music played, my Dad felt he was missing out on family time, so he worked on dinner while we baked so we were all together. Max, not willing to be left out, stayed in the kitchen with us. We set down a blanket, which he rarely stayed on, but he adorable as always.

While all of this was going on, a snowstorm raged on outside. We got at least 10 to 12 inches. I loved it, AND we had nowhere to be, so "Let it Snow"!!
Yup that is our deck...and YES Dad never brought the grill in and it will no doubt RUST to death. We are expecting another one starting in the morning...yeah just in time for church. So whether there is a Christmas Sunday Service remains to be seen.

Finally, sugar cookies were out of the oven, so I broke out my peanut butter dough and we rolled them into balls. Rolling them in Splenda turns out gross (last years discovery after 1 batch cooked) so we bake them plain....they are good this way!

And they started to be cranked out the lil gems of happy in my belly-ness!

4 cookie sheets later, they were all done so the icing for the sugar cookies began...and what colors we decided on this year!LOL!So SUCCESS!! We have Christmas cookies checked off!! And the books, my gifts from the heart, got in, YES, and I ordered Mike a Utes hat and it should be there by now...and knowing my pain of a brother he is, he ignored the note and opened it already anyway and has been wearing it around Hick-a-sota for the last week.Grrrrr. But yay cookies! And hopefully I will sleep tonight, here is to hoping!
Yes me in all my pale whiteness...bloody white.

7 meaningful meanderings:

Kristina P. said...

They all look delicious!

So said...

I love the Hershey's Kiss cookies! Those are some of my favorites.

And what a fun time for you and your family.

The Boob Nazi said...

Pretty colors!

Anonymous said...

Yummy, delicious cookies!!! Yikes on the snow!!! Beautiful but it looks soooo cold. I'm complaining over here in California over a little bit of rain and wind. I can't stand the wind.Brrrrrr!!!!!!

Michelle said...

I love holiday baking!! It's the best. Especially when it's cold and snowy outside cause it helps warm up the house. :)

Donna said...

Those cookies are awesome! I liked all of the snow we got over the weekend too. It's made everything so pretty. Too bad it's so freezing cold out today!

Mother Goose said...

yummmy we baked our cookies too!

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